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Prenco: Not All Absorbent Oil Pads Are the Same in Quality and Performance

Exclusive to Prenco is a new oil and fuel absorbent pad and roll that outperforms all other pads and is made from needle-punched polypropylene. The fabric does not tear, is heavy-weight at 400gsm, provides rapid absorption of oil, and floats on water when saturated.

When selecting the right oil absorbent pad:

  • Ask your supplier to confirm the weight of the pad to ensure you will get the capacity required or anticipated in your next spill clean up. Test the pad to see how much oil or fuel it will absorb
  • If you are using the pad in a marine oil spill clean-up, will it be able to be hooked out of the water when saturated and not tear or fall apart?
  • Are there situations where you don't have the space to store lots of pads so may want to re-use the pad to achieve an efficient clean-up?

Download Prenco's free white paper for more information about choosing the right absorbent pad, and Prenco product details.

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