New figures released by GlobalData have shed light on the top locations for mergers and acquisitions in the mining industry.

The data shows that M&A activity is strongest in Canada, which saw a total of 10 deals announced in the most recent quarter (2022 Q1). That’s down from 19 deals announced in the previous quarter (2021 Q4).

India also performed well over the most recent quarter, with seven deals (up from three in 2021 Q4).

Which countries are emerging as M&A powerhouses?

As well as being a top location for M&A dealmaking in the mining industry, India has also seen the largest uptick in recent months. The country has seen 15 deals announced over the last two complete quarters, up from an average of just three deals every six months between 2019 and 2021. That's the largest increase in M&A dealmaking in the mining industry for any country.

The situation is less positive in Australia, which in the last two complete quarters has seen just five deals announced. That's a decrease compared the country's average of 21 deals announced every six months between 2019 and 2021, and the sharpest decrease in M&A dealmaking in the mining industry experienced by any country in recent months.

Globally, the situation is looking distinctly positive for mergers and acquisitions in the mining industry. A total of 95 deals were announced in the last quarter, up from 77 deals in the previous quarter and from an average of 66 deals per quarter over the previous three years.

GlobalData's deals database

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