SIEMAG TECBERG is the one-stop-shop and international leader for the development, planning, design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of complete hoisting systems. SIEMAG TECBERG systems and equipment operate in underground and open pit mines worldwide and enjoy the highest reputation for quality, availability and reliability. The basis for SIEMAG TECBERG’s success is the unique team of experienced engineers that provides the optimum solution for any transportation requirement.

SIEMAG TECBERG is a dynamic organisation committed to continuous improvement. It has introduced many innovative techniques that have become the benchmark for best practice throughout the world.

Shaft hoisting plants

SIEMAG TECBERG plays a leading role in the development of shaft hoisting systems using a combination of product innovation, worldwide experience and proven product competence. SIEMAG TECBERG provides complete tailor made solutions of turnkey systems as well as all individual components.

Skip and cage hoisting systems for vertical and inclined shafts include:

SIEMAG TECBERG specialises in both complete hoisting and hydrohoisting systems and equipment for underground and open-pit mines.
Winder with integrated motor: SIEMAG TECBERG can provide complete systems on a turnkey basis as well as all individual equipment.
Slope hoisting systems are designed for hoisting heavy trucks or skips in the fastest and most economical manner using the shortest distance from mine bottom to the surface.
Handling system for underground waste disposal: SIEMAG TECBERG is involved in the development and manufacture of special handling equipment for underground waste disposal.
The SIEMAG TECBERG pressure exchange system (PES) is a state-of-the-art hydraulic system for mine cooling installations as well as the transportation of slurries in pipes.
  • Koepe, drum and blair winders with conventional and integrated motor
  • Hoisting towers and head frames
  • Head and deflection sheaves
  • Mobile winders for service and emergency use
  • Skips and cages, rope attachments for winding, balance and guide ropes, rope load measuring devices
  • Loading and unloading stations

Additional systems include:

Conveyor systems, mine car decking and circulation systems, shaft equipment for shaft sinking, multi-rope clamping and lifting devices and friction winches for multi-rope installation and changing.

Open-pit hoisting systems

SIEMAG TECBERG offers unique systems for handling the challenges associated with high capacity open pit mines. These include large payload capability (300 t plus), energy efficient and cost effective skip hoisting and TruckLift Systems.

The TruckLift System by SIEMAG TECBERG hoists loaded dump trucks straight up the pit wall from the pit bottom to surface. The benefits include:

  • Reduced truck fleet investment
  • Operating and maintenance costs reduced by up to 60%
  • Reduced net energy consumption when compared to conventional dump truck operations

Contact SIEMAG TECBERG for a customized study of your system to determine just how quickly you will benefit from these system improvements.

Waste disposal technology

Since its foundation, SIEMAG TECBERG is involved in the development and manufacture of special handling equipment for underground waste disposal. The disposal of radioactive or toxic waste underground requires new and challenging solutions including:

  • Shaft hoisting installations for vertically transporting waste to the underground storage areas
  • Transport and handling systems for safe movement of dangerous waste within the storage facility
  • Specialized handling machinery with fully automatic function for especially heavy containers, glass cylinders, drums, standard containers and open waste bins

Fluid transportation systems

The SIEMAG TECBERG pressure exchange system (PES) is a state-of-the-art hydraulic transportation system for slurries and other fluids in pipelines. The P.E.S. operates on the principle of a pressure lock using 3 chambers for continuous flow to handle:

  • Transportation of coarse-grain material up to 80mm
  • Material density up to 4.5t/m³
  • Transport distance up to 1,500 m vertical/15,000m horizontal
  • Pressure up to 250bar
  • Capacity up to 500t/hr

This system can be used for energy recovery in slurry and clear water applications such as mine cooling systems where chilled water is fed down-shaft into the PES which transfers the pressure energy to the return water pushing it to surface. This allows the underground cooling system to operate at low pressure.

With an efficiency of 98% and high availability, the PES system guarantees users a transport system with low operational costs.


SIEMAG TECBERG’s qualified personnel guarantee thorough execution of complete projects from the pre-feasibility stage to final commissioning. SIEMAG TECBERG after-sales support includes full service for GHH, DEMAG, EPR, O&K, PHB/PWH, 3 NORDBERG, Bertram, and CMC hoisting equipment and winders. This support includes spare parts, inspections, maintenance, refurbishments and upgrades.