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What’s New? Monaflex Heat Pads, Airbags and Control Panels

We’re continually optimising Monaflex components in response to usability testing and customer feedback. Have you seen our most recent changes?

Heat Pads: stronger and more effective than ever!

  • Quicker set up – all Heat Pads now reach full temperature in less than 30 minutes due to wire optimisations
  • No cold margins – edge-to-edge heating makes Heat Pad installation easy
  • Revised wiring ensures even heating across the entire Heat Pad
  • Unique in-house manufactured wire result in unparalleled strength in use
  • Separation of control wires and element wire is eliminated
  • Reduced surface friction due to our new Heat Pad finish

Check out now:

  • X-Pad models for complete cable protection, reinforced handles and improved connectors

Look out for:

  • NEW Textile reinforced Heat Pads – thinner, lighter and more flexible but just as strong
  • NEW X-Pad sockets built into the handle of the Heat Pad – totally eliminates trailing leads and simplifies storage

Airbags: a complete sizing review and additional reinforcements for added durability

  • Bladder and cover sizes have been reviewed to ensure the perfect fit – this reduces the strain on the bladder and increases durability
  • Highly developed pre despatch testing ensures leading quality standards
  • Additional reinforcements around the valve region of the covers and the valve itself prevents traditional wear and tear through rough handling
  • High wear points on covers have been strengthened to reduce possibility of seam damage

Look out for:

  • New super-strength valve, which completely eliminates the possibility of valve or valve core tearing away from airbag

Control Panels: a new generation

  • All fuses have been replaced with Minature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) meaning increased current sensitivity and safety and a reduction in costs (as they don’t need to be replaced)
  • Detachable leads increase flexibility in lead length and make panels easier to store

Look out for:

  • Our new fully digital control panel – data logging facility, live data feeds, remote control and monitoring (where appropriate)

Please contact Monaflex to find out more.

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