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With more than 40 years’ experience and repair systems installed across the world, Monaflex is the leader in providing equipment for the repair and vulcanization of damage to all tyres, from the largest off-the-road (OTR) earthmovers to the smallest truck.

The same effective technology is used for the revolutionary new ultra lightweight repair system for conveyor belts, the CRS.

Monaflex were the original pioneers of the use of inflatable pressure bags and all our systems provide exceptional conformity to the unusual contours of a tyre and are equally effective in conveyor repairs. The result is always a perfectly moulded repair that is the strongest in the industry.

Monaflex conveyor and tyre repair systems both provide:

  • Faster repairs
  • A portable system
  • Higher quality, longer-lasting repairs
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Ease of use

Expert OTR and truck tyre repair solutions

Monaflex’s extensive industry experience, coupled with ongoing customer feedback, means we are able to provide the most effective, user friendly tyre repair solutions.

Mobile tyre repair system

With none of the heavy components and steel framework associated with old repair technology, even the complete system for the largest OTR tyres in the world can be transported easily in the back of an average car. This completely portable system has opened up enormous opportunities for our customers, including mobile repair services and multi-site operations.

Distortion-free tyre repair

Unlike other fixed plate mechanical and hydraulic ‘spotter’ repair systems, the Monaflex inflatable components allow the repair to conform perfectly to the complex contour of the tyre. The result is a distortion-free, feather-edged repair with maximum adhesion; these repairs will be stronger and last longer than any others in the industry.

Utilizing simultaneous heat and pressure (inside and outside of the tyre injury) the Monaflex system can cure both the plug and patch at the same time, resulting in a quicker repair. Every Monaflex system repairs all the major areas of the tyre without the need for extra components, such as sidewalls, shoulders or crowns.

Specialist Bead systems are also available.

Cut waste, reduce downtime, minimize capital investment

In the modern mining industry, resource management is vital and the use of Monaflex repair systems will ensure that downtime is minimized and cost efficiency maximized.

Remote locations can be easily accessed with our lightweight, portable systems. Repairs can be set up and executed quickly and with effective, long lasting results.

Monaflex will cut waste, reduce downtime and minimize capital investment.

The ultra-lightweight, portable Monaflex Conveyor Repair System (CRS)

Doing away with the traditional heavy framework associated with Conveyor repair, the Monaflex CRS uses lightweight inflatable airbags and heat pads to apply the necessary heat and pressure consistently across the repair area.

All systems are portable and collapse down to be easily transported in the back of any support vehicle.

Simple and easy-to-use conveyor belt maintenance systems

Rapid, lightweight and producing superior repairs, this hot vulcanization system is designed for easy use in the most challenging environments.

The system is simple and easy to use plus it provides a large repair capacity giving the user unrivaled flexibility and range with their repairs. Heat cured repairs with a Monaflex system provide the strongest, long lasting repairs possible.

A revolutionary design and complete flexibility in conveyor repairs

Utilizing the same technology used in tyre repair for decades, the CRS is able to vulcanize repairs at 30psi, meaning a simplified, lightweight repair system. One system can repair all belt types and tackle any injury type:

  • Textile and steel cord belts
  • All belt thicknesses (no fiddly adjustments required)
  • All injuries: edge, spot, splice, splits

About Monaflex

Monaflex pioneered the use of inflatable pressure bags and flexible heat pads to provide perfectly moulded repairs that are the strongest in the industry. This repair methodology has proven extremely popular and Monaflex now exports systems to locations around the world.

Monaflex has now turned its extensive experience to the conveyor industry, culminating in a new quick and easy repair solution.

With significant investment in research, development and its people, Monaflex will continue to provide the quality products and innovative repair solutions that are now synonymous with the Monaflex name.

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Press Release

Bead Damage in Earthmover Tyres – Scrap or Repair?

Bead damage is a common problem in many operations we encounter and often, unnecessarily, results in many costly earthmover tyres heading for the scrap heap.

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Tyre Repair Systems

Monaflex pioneered the use of inflatable pressure bags to provide outstanding conformity to the unusual contours of a tyre. The result is a perfectly moulded repair that is one of the strongest in the industry. From this innovation Monaflex developed a lightweight yet tough system that can manage the vulcanisation of repairs in all tyre sizes.

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Monarch Vulcanising Systems Ltd

Stanley House

South Quay

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United Kingdom

+44 1481 241024 +44 1481 241616

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