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Reverse Osmosis Rentals

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

3/276 Treasure Road,
Welshpool WA 6106,

Reverse Osmosis Rentals, a subsidiary of Resource Equipment Rentals, is a premier supplier of reverse osmosis equipment in Australia. It offers cutting-edge technology in association with leading manufacturers and consultants in this pioneering field.

Recycling brackish water and sea water

Resource Equipment Rentals is keen to conserve resources and protect the environment. This is why it has established Reverse Osmosis Australia as a separate entity to focus on recycling brackish water and sea water. The process of reverse osmosis is environmentally friendly in several ways, as it:

  • Recycles impure water
  • Eliminates the need to transport potable water to remote mining sites
  • Uses brackish water which would otherwise have to be disposed of

Converting brackish or sea water into pure water

The Oxford Dictionary defines osmosis as “the passage of a solvent through a semi-permeable partition into a more concentrated solution”. Reverse osmosis is a prudent, efficient and economical way to convert freely available brackish water and sea water into pure water.

It is a separation process that uses pressure to force water through a membrane that retains the impurities or salt on one side and allows the pure water to pass to the other side. This process requires a high pressure to be exerted on the membrane, usually 2bar–17 bar (30psi –250 psi) for brackish water and 40bar–70bar (600psi–1,000psi) for sea water.

Potable water in remote mining areas

Reverse Osmosis Rentals is a boon especially for mines in remote areas. It solves the problem of sourcing pure drinking water where none is accessible. The company supplies state-of-the art equipment that can convert even the most brackish water into water that is safe for drinking.

Desalination on offshore rigs

Offshore rigs turn to Reverse Osmosis Rentals for continuous supply of safe drinking water. The company sets up specialised water treatment plants on site to filter out all saline from sea water. It offers customised plans to suit all kinds of conditions and operations – big or small.

Custom water treatment plants

Reverse Osmosis Australia has all the experience and expertise to provide potable water on mining sites in any location. It will survey the site and conditions in detail before customising and commissioning a water treatment plant. It takes care of every detail of consultation, design, installation and maintenance.