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Smartfleet Management

Software and Fully Outsourced Fleet Management Solutions

Smartfleet is a leading Australian fleet management company that aims to help clients make the most of their vehicle fleet.

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Smartfleet is a leading Australian fleet management company that aims to help clients make the most of their vehicle fleet. Our philosophy focuses on making things easy and improving our client’s bottom line. We prioritise the removal of stress of cumbersome day-to-day fleet management processes, and we tailor our service to meet your specific needs. Our vision is to be widely recognised as the easiest fleet management company to deal with.

Our services include fully outsourced solutions, where we take care of everything for you, a software solution that allows you to easily manage your own fleet in-house, or a hybrid solution incorporating both elements, that is tailored just for you. In fact, all of our software is configurable – we will work with you to find a perfect solution.

Smartfleet is part of Smartgroup Investments group. The Smartgroup family is made up of like-minded, reputable brands that aspire to make fleet management, salary packaging and car leasing as easy as possible for organisations to utilise, with a demonstrably strong customer focus and huge investment in innovative technologies.

Fully outsourced fleet management services

By opting to have your fleet managed completely by Smartfleet, all fleet management processes and requirements will be administered on your behalf in an economic, efficient manner and according to industry standards.

The advantage of outsourcing is clear: we’ll take care of all areas of your fleet, and provide recommendations based on data and reporting collected through our unique software, the foundation of our fleet management solution. Have peace of mind knowing that you are transferring responsibility to an experienced partner.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to determine suitable service level agreements and will meet with you regularly to review your fleet’s progress and revise expectations based on your requirements.

Here are just some examples of what we can offer:

  • Vehicle procurement and disposal services
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) management
  • Pool vehicle booking solution
  • Fuel and fuel card management
  • Comprehensive reporting and recommendations (financial and operational)
  • Repair service including pre-authorisation, supplier management and single electronic invoicing
  • Registration management
  • Toll and infringement management
  • Whole-of-life cost analysis
  • 24/7 accident management and roadside assistance

Software for in-house fleet management

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use fleet management software is designed to help you get the most out of your fleet. You’ll be able to manage your own entry and reporting of data and manage your own requirements in-house.

Our solutions are designed to maximise your fleet’s efficiency. Through tracking and analysing all aspects of your fleet, from fuel, FBT management and vehicle registration, to service and maintenance and fleet usage, you’ll ensure total cost transparency, lower fleet expenditure and increased effectiveness of the cars being used.

Whatever you want to achieve – whether it’s lowering costs, reducing administration, shrinking fleet size or ensuring your cars are utilised appropriately by drivers – our software is the key to helping you reach your goals.

Just some of our software advantages include:

  • Online vehicle tendering utilising our buying power to get you the lower cost on vehicles for your fleet
  • Fuel management so you can track expenditure – or over-expenditure – online
  • Online pool vehicle booking, allowing you to monitor usage with the end goal of reducing costs and fleet size
  • Registration management, with alerts scheduled for every due vehicle
  • Service and maintenance data, with alerts for service reminders
  • FBT management, allowing for comparisons between operating cost versus statutory formula methods

Hybrid solution for fleet management

Our long history of working closely with clients to create a solution that suits their needs makes us well-placed to tailor our services to your requirements. We believe in working together to understand what improvements are required within your current fleet. By discussing what your end goals are, we can determine what services you’d like to outsource to Smartfleet, and which you’d prefer to maintain internally using our software. You’ll have the help you need every step of the way. You have the freedom to change your mind along the way – we can adapt our service offering at any time.

Automated booking for pool vehicles

Allowing drivers to book their vehicles online not only increases productivity – the process takes only 90 seconds to complete, with automated booking notifications to the driver and vehicle custodian – but also allows you to monitor all vehicle usage to ensure utilisation is maximised.

It can be customised so that authorisation is required when booking a vehicle, creating a level of accountability that ensures only necessary bookings are requested. You can view bookings by site, driver, time period, reference number and booking status. Compliance to your own organisational policy can be incorporated. This system means appropriate vehicles are completely utilised in a day, leaving other vehicles available for longer journeys.

The key box facility is an additional feature that is linked to the pool booking system, ensuring that the vehicle key can only be accessed by authorised employees.

The Smart Approach to Management, from Smartfleet

Fleet managers are increasingly expected to do more with tighter budgets in a post-global financial crisis era, where cost management and strategic efficiency are everyday necessities.

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