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Visualization Software for Surface and Sub-Surface Mining Data

RockWare®, Inc. has been a leading developer and distributor of geological and GIS software products used by the mining industry since 1983.

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RockWare®, Inc. has been a leading developer and distributor of geological and GIS software products used by the mining industry since 1983. RockWare® also provides training and consulting services to aid in subsurface visualization, resource estimation and exploration planning. Three key products from RockWare — LogPlot®, RockWorks® and the RockWare GIS Link® — provide geologists and engineers with indispensable tools for visualizing and analyzing their surface and sub-surface mining data.

Drillhole logging software

The LogPlot software has been used by geoscientists since 1983 to display their lithologic, geotechnical, assay and core data as graphical drillhole log reports. Compile the data into the design at any vertical scale for single-page, multi-page, or continuous logs. LogPlot offers almost unlimited flexibility for log layout via its easy-to-use, built-in log designer. LogPlot can directly export your logs as PDF of HTML format for easy distribution to clients. LogPlot now supports Unicode characters so you can produce a log in any language. It also can save and access directly to RockWorks SQLite database. Automatic backups help you be sure your progress is saved.

Store, analyze and visualize subsurface data

RockWare’s flagship product, RockWorks, includes a Borehole Manager database to store subsurface information collected during drilling, core logging and lab analysis. Data stored in the database is used during the creation of plan maps, cross-sections, profiles, fence diagrams and three-dimensional displays of drillholes and block models.

Use RockWorks17 to model and analyze the following types of data:

  • Lithology
  • Stratigraphy
  • Analytical / assay data
  • Borehole geophysics
  • Water levels and concentrations
  • Fractures / lineations
  • Oil production
  • Colors

The latest version of RockWorks makes it easier than ever to illustrate complex geological cross-sections or profiles. Display contours of assay information, correlated lithology and stratigraphy, or create your own illustrations using new drawing and snapping tools, including automatic links to the lithology and stratigraphy pattern libraries.

RockWorks Utilities – geotools for the mining industry

The RockWorks Utilities (included in RockWorks Basic and above) are an indispensable collection of mine mapping, modeling, analysis and display geotools. They provide geologists and engineers with an excellent array of essential geotools, including:

  • Contour maps
  • 3D surfaces and terrain models
  • Gridding tools
  • Solid modeling
  • Volumetrics
  • Piper diagrams, Stiff plots, Durov diagrams and other hydrochemistry tools
  • Stereonets
  • Rose diagrams, and other structural geology tools
  • Point and multivariate symbol maps
  • Land grid maps
  • 3D objects
  • Ternary diagrams and other statistical tools
  • Geotechnical tools

RockWorks is offered with three program levels so that you can purchase just the features you need. Each level contains the preceding ones.

  • Trial Mode: A FREE collection of programs for display of spatial data and images to Google Earth
  • Basic: RockWorks Utilities – A suite of programs for creating 2D maps, 3D surface & block models, and geology diagrams based on spreadsheet data. Create point maps and 2D & 3D logs, cross-section diagrams from data stored in a drillhole database
  • Standard: Model stratigraphy, lithology, water levels, ore bodies, geotechnical and geophysical data from drillhole data
  • Advanced: All RockWorks programmes, as well as SQL Server, batch/scripting, 3D faulting, oil production, and the GIS Link
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Software, Consulting and Training Services

RockWare was founded in 1983 to provide geoscientific software and consulting to a variety of markets, including petroleum, mining, environmental and civil engineering.

RockWare, Inc.

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