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Pulse Mining Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Mining Operations

PO Box 330,
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Pulse Mining Systems is a market leader in the development, delivery and support of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for mining and industrial operations around the globe. Pulse software is real-time, scalable, functional and tightly integrated.

A long established and innovative enterprise, Pulse Mining Systems draws on the extensive experience and industry knowledge of its senior management team to provide tailored software solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

Fully integrated, real-time mining ERP software

Pulse empowers organisations by offering a fully integrated solution covering all functional areas of mining and industrial operations, enabling users to make faster, more accurate business decisions.

The Pulse system is a real-time and fully integrated ERP solution, incorporating all systems necessary for managing the commercial aspects of a multinational and multi-site mining or industrial organisation.

Mining enterprise support systems

The Pulse mining solution incorporates enterprise support systems for managing financial aspects, HR, procurement, inventory, maintenance, production, marketing and logistics.

Unlike other ERP providers, Pulse Mining Systems tailors its software to meet each customer’s individual requirements and offers tools above and beyond those provided by standard packages. The Pulse system can also be linked directly to other third party on-site systems such as real-time automation and control systems.

Mining ERP business intelligence software

The Pulse mining solution also includes an integrated business intelligence (BI) package that includes the relevant data from Pulse ERP, allowing easy access and high visibility data. The BI solution offers state-of-the-art dashboards, drill-down reports and drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting. It can also connect to data sources other than the Pulse ERP.

Mining ERP software development

Continuous development ensures that the Pulse ERP system is constantly evolving in terms of remaining at the leading edge of user experience, functionality, features and relevance.

Customer-specific mining systems

All Pulse systems are developed and maintained internally by Pulse Mining Systems. Our applications are built to meet specific customer needs and to deliver the best business outcomes. Our personal support levels and efficient program development practices distinguish our organisation from our competitors.

Mining system support services

In addition to software development, Pulse Mining’s client services team combine expert knowledge and extensive industry experience to help you optimise the benefits from your Pulse system.

Pulse Mining Systems offers a range of support services to help ensure more effective use of your Pulse product and help to maximise your return on investment. This includes:

  • Helpdesk – dedicated support desk to provide day-to-day technical assistance; after-hours support is also available
  • Implementation and conversion – holistic service for implementation of the Pulse system, and converting data from legacy systems; we also offer comprehensive training in Pulse system usage
  • Upgrades – Pulse systems are continually enhanced and our upgrade policy ensures all clients are up-to-date with current software versions
  • Desktop support – supply, set up, installation and maintenance of servers, PCs, printers and other necessary equipment
  • Network support – ISP services at competitive rates
  • Hardware supply – we determine your hardware requirements and recommend suitable hardware to run our system; we supply state-of-the-art hardware at competitive prices
  • Personal contact – direct access to our client services, development and design personnel, ensuring you receive a prompt response to your needs

The Pulse team upholds a genuine commitment to managing customer relationships and has a shared interest in your success.

Pulse Mining Systems

PO Box 330


NSW 2322



Street address:

25A Sandringham Avenue


NSW Australia 2322