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Mining Simulation Software

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SimMine is an independent provider of simulation products for the mining industry. Building on our extensive experience in simulation and program development, we have specialised in providing simulation products for the mining industry.

Business improvement tools for the mining industry

SimMine® is a business improvement tool for the mining industry. By using SimMine as the method for verification, you will get far more accurate results than with common spreadsheet based programs. SimMine can be used both for existing and future mines.

The SimMine product family consists of many different simulation products, all designed to help mining companies make more correct choices when it comes to decision making.

Underground development simulation software

Make the most out of your assets by using SimMine for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development. SimMine can help you assure that your development project is completed on time and within budget.

The SimMine development package is easy-to-use and powerful software to plan, simulate and evaluate the development process in underground mining. SimMine can be used both for existing and future mines.

The SimMine development package contains:

  • Gantt-scheduler for easy-to-use and perceptible planning
  • Simulation core for verification of development plans
  • SimStat function for optimization of development plans
  • Plan, time, capacity and cost reports
  • 3D environment for import of existing mine designs
  • Visual feedback through animation of development progression and equipment movement

The SimMine development package improves development processes by allowing the user to:

  • Test long and short-term schedules ahead of time to see if development targets can be met
  • Compare different scenarios to yield an improved development schedule
  • Find the optimal fleet size and shift schedule
  • Reduce bottlenecks and equipment conflicts
  • Watch ongoing operations animated on the screen to validate equipment assignments
  • Analyse multiple infrastructure scenarios
  • Simulate drift development with both single and multiple headings for long access drive

Mining simulation program

A mine’s infrastructure changes over time as development advances. It is difficult to predict the long-term logistical consequences of decisions made today. By simulating different long-term plans, the best strategy can be chosen for each unique situation. The mine’s engineers can use simulations to test a plan’s strengths and weaknesses in order to evaluate the likelihood of achieving the set goals.

By using simulation software, every aspect of a proposed change can be analysed without investing resources on implementation. This is crucial, because, when the decision has been made, the concrete is in place, or the transport system is completed, changes or additions are very costly.

Machine, truck and haulage simulation

Simulation can be used to specify requirements for the design of a system. For example, the specific requirements for a machine in a complex production environment might not be known. By simulating different performance levels for the machine, the requirement level can be set.

Bottlenecks in production are a headache in the industry. It’s easy to forget that bottlenecks are an effect, rather than a cause.

One of the advantages of simulation is that policies, control criteria, procedures and methods can be analysed when a valid model has been set up without disrupting the actual system. Changes can be introduced in the model, and the effects happen on the computer, instead of in the actual system.

Short term planning

It provides shift schedules for development crew, what section they will work on and with what vehicle. It also gives the user ability to quickly reschedule/simulate the schedule if something happens that will affect the original schedule. To see how these changes will affect your long term plan you can export these changes back to SimMine for simulating long term effects on your plan.

SimMine Release Development Package White Paper

SimMine have released their white paper: Optimised Resource Planning and Scheduling of Underground Development. Make the most out of your assets. Use SimMine&'174; for optimised resource planning and scheduling of underground development. Make sure your development project is completed

SimMine Releases a New Short-Term Planning Package – SimSched

SimMine is pleased to announce the launch of the new SimSched, a short-term planning package. The new package is an extension to SimMine, through which the system can simulate the creation of short-term schedules. The package provides shift schedules for the development crew, including

New Production Module for SimMine

SimMine has been testing a new production module, in cooperation with the company Vale-Inco, Canada. The production module will allow you to simulate stopping, cut-and-fill and breast mining methods for underground mining. This production module is planned to be released at the beginni

SimMine Development Package Release New Version 1.15

SimMine is build on a powerful technique: the usa of simulation engines combined with a user-friendly interface the programme can be used either as a pre-feasibility study or as a planning tool at an already operating mine. SimMine has released its newest version 1.15, containing more a

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