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Cloud-Based HSE, Governance and Sustainability Reporting Software

The iSystain software platform centralises the management of a client's health, safety, environment, governance and sustainability performance reporting processes.

Newstead Commercial Village,
Unit 5/76 Doggett Street,
Queensland 4005 Australia

Newstead Commercial Village,
Unit 5/76 Doggett Street,
Queensland 4005 Australia

The iSystain software platform centralises the management of a client’s health, safety, environment, governance and sustainability performance reporting processes.

The platform is based on a full-scope sustainability data capture framework combined with a responsive suite of business process tools.

Based on a data-driven architecture, iSystain is built to coexist in an ecosystem of other systems. This provides clients with the unique combination of centralisation and flexible capabilities to push and pull data from other external and internal systems.

Integrated or individual solutions for the mining sector

Health, Safety & Environment

Ensuring your company minimises risk to people, the environment, local communities and assets requires commitment and great software. This is especially critical in the highly regulated mining sector. iSystain’s product suite was developed for the mining sector and this has heavily influenced the effectiveness of the risk, compliance, incident, health, competency, change and action management products. All processes are linked to email-based workflow and collect data that feeds into our suite of reporting, dashboards and performance monitoring tools.

Compliance & Governance

Our compliance and governance solution helps clients move beyond silo-based, compliance and audit activities, by integrating them into an overarching governance framework. Collect and categorise all voluntary and involuntary legislation, permits, internal and external policies and standards subscribed to by your company in the Governance Register. Link items to risk assessments, audit instruments, compliance assessments and action plans for implementation and review responsibilities.

Sustainability reporting

Our Sustainable Development solution provides a framework to define your sustainability performance goals and establish the quantitative and qualitative data collection requirements to report and measure against them. We incorporate management tools including workflow, data status monitors and alerts, import facilities, flexible reporting options and data analysis views.

Highly configurable software platform

The various solutions are delivered through combining the modules relevant to your business, including:

  • Audit Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Change Management
  • Community Investment
  • Energy & Carbon
  • Governance Register
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Incident Management
  • Risk & Business Continuity
  • Scorecard
  • Safety Conversations
  • Supplier Management
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Training & Competency

Additionally, iSystain’s highly configurable data collection options allow you to collect your data the way your company operates.

Business intelligence formula library

iSystain’s formula library includes many in-built calculations, including CO2, total CO2, total energy, energy by scope, CO2 by scope, uncertainty, heating or cooling days and safety lag and lead indicators, The library can also be extended to include specific calculations that are relevant to the client, such as production volumes, income, and workforce or property metrics.

Import Service

iSystain’s import service is flexible and intelligent enough to integrate with other internal and external data sources, while providing a common platform for real time reporting, performance monitoring and decision making. iSystain’s import service has been designed to provide as many user-definable options as possible to import data from the vast array of formats and data structures reflective of external systems.

About Systar

Systar is a Australia-based software company provider. For more than a decade, Systar has focused on developing both iSystain and long-term partnerships with companies at all stages, from start-up to blue chip.

Today, the company has a global user base across many sectors, including resources, construction, infrastructure, property management, travel, manufacturing and retail.


Newstead Commercial Village

Unit 5/76 Doggett Street


Queensland 4005