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Global Job Solutions

Advanced Job Costing and Quoting Software for the Mining Industry

Global Job Solutions develops job estimating and costing software for clients such as component manufacturers, fabrication engineers and mining engineering.

Unit 4, 348 Richmond Road,
SA 5037 Australia

Global Job Solutions develops job estimating and costing software for clients such as component manufacturers, fabrication engineers and mining engineering.

The company’s Job Commander system is an industry-leading, modular and scalable software solution that is specially designed for companies that quote, design and manufacture unique products and limited runs in the engineering sector.

Modular job costing software for the mining sector

Job Commander generates quotes, schedules and purchase orders while automatically collecting valuable business data to create faster, more accurate quotes.

Collecting information such as machine time, labour costs and job profit helps to create a knowledge base to enable clients to make cost-efficient business decisions on how to manage and organise projects.

The software holds accurate information about a business’ cost structure and work capacity, which reduces the risk of under or over quoting. It also enables clients to monitor job progress at any time, while capacity planning and timeline displays highlight potential tailbacks.

Features of job costing software

Job Commander provides clients with a wide range of features and capabilities, including:

  • Quotations with full job history
  • Purchase order generation
  • Job monitoring
  • Event calendar
  • Forms management
  • Tracking costs and profitability
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Client invoicing and delivery dockets
  • Integrates with platforms such as MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero and Sage
  • Supplying marketing information to clients

Highly adaptive software for job quotations

The easy-to-use Job Commander software enables clients to analyse, manage, report and schedule all factors of the production cycle.

It saves both money and time by providing necessary information for accurate decision-making, while smart features such as advanced job monitoring of and coordination ensure business success.

Job Commander is a dynamic programme that is constantly updated to accommodate client requests, as well as the company’s own research and development. Due to their enhancement value to the programme and the benefit to clients, additions are completed in a timely manner and distributed to all support members for free.

Global Job Solutions can also fulfil a client’s request for a programme change or inclusion.

Advantages of job costing software

The simple-to-use, advanced tools of Job Commander assist clients in making advised decisions when coordinating tasks.

Information is easily collected and located using the centralised management and storage of job-specific electronic documentation such as images, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and email information.

Take the Stress Out of your Job Costing System Implementation

Global Job Solutions know that installing and implementing new software can be a daunting prospect and accordingly have put a lot of effort in providing you with ways to make your introduction to Job Commander job costing software as easy as possible.

Global Job Support System

Let us do it all for you – import customers, suppliers, inventory/ materials list, employees and work centres. On day one you are ready for training.

Global Job Solutions

Unit 4, 348 Richmond Road


SA 5037