Wave International Project Consultancy and Management Services for the Mining Sector

Wave International offers specialised consultancy services for engineering, land development, and environmental and asset management projects across a wide range of industries, including mining, water, offshore and power.

Since 1999, we have provided customised, innovative solutions that are delivered to clients on time and on budget.

Asset Management Services for the Mining Sector

Wave International’s Asset Management division provides a range of solutions in order to optimise the service life of new or existing plants.

We assist clients with strategic asset management, operational readiness and optimisation of existing fixed plant, mobile equipment and infrastructure.

In addition, we develop planned maintenance activities through Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and the application of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principles.

We apply RCM principles using our Cloud-based Maintenance Tactics Toolkit (MTT) to deploy optimised maintenance methods into the document management and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS).

Land Development Services

Our experience in land development comprises of large master-planned communities and urban infill projects to metropolitan locations and remote communities throughout Australia.

We provide consultancy services for land acquisition due diligence investigations, contract management services, urban infrastructure, drainage strategies and water management plans.

Structural Mechanical Piping (SMP) Advisory Services

Wave International’s Structural Mechanical Piping (SMP) team is experienced in both brownfields expansions and maintenance and greenfield projects, from feasibility studies to detail design.

We use innovative technologies both on-site and in the office, as well as collaborate with clients, contractors and fabricators to ensure practical solutions. These include dynamic simulation modelling, static and dynamic structural analysis, specification audit technical management and process management for base and precious metals.

Electrical Instrumentation and Controls (EI&C) Consultancy Services

Wave International provides Electrical Instrumentation and Controls (EI&C) services for public and private clients, including resource companies, power suppliers, heavy industry and materials handling manufacturers.

We provide a wide range of services, including electrical engineering and design, simulation modelling, auditing, inspection, project studies, remote operations and power station support.

Work Management Support and Development

Wave International is experienced in the development of work management processes that are customised to support your specific operations.

Our work management services include:

  • Data upload to your CMMS
  • Work management process coaching
  • Maintenance budgeting and cost control support
  • Maintenance process development and support

Environmental Management Services

Wave International offers a wide range of Environmental Management Services to ensure ecological issues are effectively assessed and managed throughout the project development lifecycle.

We assist clients with environmental impact studies, water management plans, environmental approval requirements and construction environmental management plans.

Project Delivery Optimisation Services

Our Project Services division ensures projects are clearly defined, efficiently managed and effectively controlled throughout all stages of execution.

Our capabilities focus on three areas, namely study management, project implementation management and advisory services.

In order to determine project times and costs, we employ management, data gathering, analysis and risk mitigation techniques using a customised Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Operational Breakdown Structure (OBS).

This is applied in all phases of the project lifecycle, starting from feasibility through to close-out.

Construction Management Solutions for Optimal Delivery

Our Construction Management experience sees a collaborative approach with both client and contractor for safe and efficient delivery.

With our safe, fast-track construction planning and delivery experience, we actively coordinate value flow containment through phased and prioritised commissioning planning, construction planning aligned with construction-based battery limits, and active design influence to minimise construction time and risk.


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