Skapto Consulting Geological Consultancy Services for the Mining and Exploration Sector

Skapto Consulting is an exploration consultancy firm with experience in a variety of deposit types and commodities, including precious and base metals, diamonds and industrial minerals.

As geologists, we have built up experience in all stages of resource projects, from greenfield exploration to development and production.

Our goal is to provide cost-efficient exploration services based on solid geological knowledge and using up-to-date techniques tailored to the needs of each specific project.

We specialise in data collection and analysis; prospectivity modelling and target generation; field work, combining geochemical surveys with extensive geological, structural and alteration mapping; fast, on-site analysis using portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and field-spectrometers; and turnkey drilling campaigns.

Target generation and prospectivity modelling for mineral exploration

Exploration success starts with a thorough understanding of geological models and deposit types.

We use that knowledge for target generation studies on both project and regional scales and follow up with successful fieldwork. Our methodology includes in-depth data collection and analysis with advanced cross-processing in geographic information systems (GIS) of available digital and analogue data.

This is further supported by remote sensing studies for lineament and alteration mapping.

Structural and alteration mapping capabilities

Our geologists are specialised in boots on the ground mapping, often under difficult circumstances. A detailed field analysis of structural features and alteration mapping is necessary to explore and understand any type of deposit and to find new ones.

The integration of modern exploration techniques allows Skapto to minimise feedback time and adjust the exploration programme accordingly, adapting it to the results as we move forward.

We use mobile XRF, benchtop XRD and field spectrometers to immediately screen mineralogy and alteration in the field ahead of sending samples to the lab for a more detailed analysis.

Geochemical surveys for mineral systems detection

Skapto uses geochemistry to detect and define mineral systems undercover. Through the mobile element detection in fluids and sediments, blind deposits can be discovered under thick cover.

We offer the following techniques:

  • Soil and stream sediment sampling, bulk leach extractable gold (BLEG) and selective leach methods
  • Low-impact pitting and trenching with portable equipment
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Geobotany
  • Hydrogeochemistry

Drilling campaigns

We can offer support to, and the organisation of, drilling campaigns. Our geologists have experience ranging from drill site selection, core logging and interpreting, to modelling drilling results.

Logging, structural and petrographical work is started as soon as possible to ensure an expeditious follow-up and feedback for any changes in the initial drill programme.

GIS, data processing and modelling software

All our services are supported with comprehensive data management, digitisation and integrated GIS processing.

We are experienced in working with a wide variety of geological software, including ARCGIS, QGIS, Leapfrog, Mapinfo and IoGAS.

About Skapto

Skapto has built up extensive experience and a wide client base in a variety of geological mining districts, particularly Africa, Europe and Central/South America. For an extensive list of former projects, clients and specific commodities we have gained competences in, please refer to the relevant page on our company website.

For any enquiries about our services, availability or additional information, please contact us using the enquiry form or through the contact details listed below.

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Skapto - Head Office

Twin Squares-Building Vendôme

Culliganlaan 1B

1831 Diegem (Brussels)


Geert Trappeniers (Managing Director) +32 479 020 178
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