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WPT Power Corporation is an international manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic power take-offs, clutches and brakes for a broad range of industrial and petroleum applications, including mining. The company, based in Wichita Falls, Texas, has been a leader in the power transmission industry, providing superior products with the highest of quality, since 1992.

Our competitive pricing and outstanding lead times have made WPT the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of choice for major manufacturers worldwide. Our engineering department specialises in designing units that are intended to meet our clients individual needs and, often, exceeds them.

WPT has an extensive network of domestic and international distributors to ensure that your product needs will be met when and where you need it. Our distributors are located all over the world in locations such as Australia, Poland, Malaysia, Russia, Japan and many more. Our distributors are well-supplied with a WPT inventory for those instances when demands are critical in order to eliminate major down-time.

Power grip clutches for heavy-duty power transmission

The power grip clutch can accommodate in-line mounting for use in heavy-duty power transmission. When used in conjunction with either a quick change or standard driving adapter, the power grip clutch can be used as a coupling clutch for shaft-to-shaft applications.

Split friction discs and air tubes are also available to help with maintenance. Power grip high-speed clutches are designed to withstand heavy use when mounted to internal combustion engines. The drive rings will fit standard SAE industrial flywheels. Heavy-duty laminated gear teeth friction discs are designed to withstand heavy shock loads and torsional vibrations.

WPT has incorporated a major design improvement into the power grip clutch. The wave spring is designed to replace coil springs in new and existing clutches. Only one wave spring per plate is required versus several coil springs. The wave spring allows simple assembly of a clutch on the shaft without the use of special tools used to retain the obsolete coil springs. When the wave spring coil is used with the extended teeth hubs, the maintenance time is dramatically reduced.

WPT’s patented extended tooth hub for power grip clutches greatly assists in re-assembly of the clutch while mounted on a shaft. The extended teeth allow for all centre / floating plates to remain engaged on the hub teeth with the release springs in a relaxed state. Previous designs required special clamps to retain all parts on the hub until the air tube holding plate and the bolts could be installed.

High torque clutches and spring set brakes

WPT has designed a range of high torque clutches and spring set brakes. These range in size from around 4in through to 60in diameter. This equipment is designed for metal forming equipment, stamping equipment and general power transmission applications.

Mechanical power take-off clutches

WPT’s mechanical power take-off (PTO) clutches are suitable for inline and side load applications on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housing dimensions. All PTOs and parts are 100% interchangeable with existing PTOs. All units are supplied with sealed ball pilot bearings to eliminate lubrication problems normally encountered. Ball bearing throw-out collars are optional on 14in units and standard on 311 units.

Power take-off clutches for engine drives

Type 1 PTOs are used in engine drives on rock crushers, dredge pumps, oilfield mud pumps, waste shredders and other horsepower applications. Type 2 PTOs are best suited for medium to high loads and are typically used for engine-driven pumps for irrigation, fire control, high-pressure spray as well as road planers, wood chippers and utility construction equipment. Power grip high-speed clutches are designed to withstand severe applications mounted to internal combustion engines.

WPT Power Releases Free White Paper on Mining Technology

WPT Power Corporation, an international manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic power take-offs, clutches and brakes for a broad range of industrial and petroleum applications, has released a free white paper on its Power Grip and Power Grip PO clutches.

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