Fluid-Bag Flexible Containers for Lubricants, Greases and Liquids

A Fluid-Bag is a flexible container for greases, oils, coolants and other liquid and semi-solid products used in the mining industry, at steel plants and manufacturing industries.

Available in capacities of 1,000l and 900l (265gal or 240gal), the Fluid-Bag also manufactures equipment for the filling and discharge of liquids.

Our technical teams are experts in handling greases and oils in our flexible containers.

Efficient solutions for handling lubricants and greases at mines

Lubricant cleanliness is integral to all mining operations and the Fluid-Bag container can be incorporated in any modern, preventive maintenance strategy. In addition, clean lubricants ensure well-functioning vehicles and machinery while avoiding unnecessary costs related to downtime and malfunctions.

The Fluid-Bag can be kept sealed during filling, handling and discharge, so there is no risk of exposure to particles or moisture. A 1,000l container also enables fewer changeovers, which reduces contamination risks.

Since they can be efficiently stretched, squeezed and emptied, Fluid-Bags minimise the amount of lubricant residue while our single-use inner container avoids cleaning and return transportation costs.

Flexible single-trip containers for mining production

Fluid-Bag FLEXI is our one-way transport solution and includes a single-trip inner container, transport bag and wooden pallet.

Versatile and flexible, the Fluid-Bag FLEXI intermediate bulk container (IBC) is suitable for long-distance transportation or remote locations.

Fluid-Bag FLEXI IBCs are used to transport lubricants and greases to steel mills, mining sites, maintenance workshops, centralised lubricating systems and various manufacturing industries.

Discharge rollers for dispensing high-viscosity greases

The semi-automatic discharge roller is used for rapid and efficient discharge of high-viscosity liquids in Fluid-Bags. The roller stretches the container to help clean its interior, minimising residue levels after discharge to 0.5%-1%.

Designed to decrease the residue after discharge, the roller is used with a vacuum pump, which creates a suction to pull the grease out of the Fluid-Bag.

Fluid-Bags can be connected directly to a central lubricating system, existing grease pumps or grease gun during maintenance.

Commissioning, service and maintenance services for mine equipment

Various service packages are available to keep your equipment operational, as well as to ensure that users get the best possible results from their Fluid-Bag solution.

All service packages include operator training for operators and we can supply customised service packages on request.

Contact Fluid-Bag for additional information about which service packages are available in your country.

About Fluid-Bag

Founded in 1984, Finland-based Fluid-Bag manufactures flexible industrial bulk packaging solutions for liquids and semi-solid substances.

We deliver complete systems and services for handling and transporting many kinds of liquid, ensuring that your products are transported safely, cost-effectively and ecologically.

Fluid-Bag’s container solutions are successfully used by international companies for greases, oils and coolants, as well as other liquids and viscous products such as printing inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and food items.

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