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Logistics Services for the Mining Industry

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With a history spanning more than 125 years, Rauanheimo is a supplier of total logistics solutions for the mining industry.

Rauanheimo has firmly established its position as a well-respected, modern, full-service port operator. From our base in the port of Kokkola, Rauanheimo is the leading dry-bulk forwarder and stevedore operator in Finland.

With the support of a committed partner network, Rauanheimo has the know-how and the tools to be involved in every part of logistics chain management.  

Logistics services for mining operations

As an effective link in the chain of trade between sea and land transport, Rauanheimo operates on the full-service principle. We offer comprehensive, competitive, tailor-made logistics solutions that save customers time and money in the fields of:

  • Stevedoring
  • Forwarding
  • Russian transit services
  • Customs clearance
  • Road haulages
  • Warehousing
  • Transit services
  • Container traffic

Tailored logistics services

We ensure that Rauanheimo’s solutions are always customer specific. Close collaboration allows our dedicated team of professionals to develop tailored solutions that add genuine value to our customers’ logistics chains.

We are constantly developing more competitive shipping services and more efficient port operations, to provide genuine added value and greater competitive advantages.

Stevedoring and forwarding services

Rauanheimo offers a unique, independent stevedoring and forwarding service. Flexible working hours allow our professional and experienced workforce to increase efficiency, maximise productivity, and minimise costs.

In order to be competitive in today’s market, rapid vessel turnaround times are essential. Our services are geared to ensure swift port throughput and fast, efficient forwarding of your cargo.

Our stevedores are professionally trained, experienced and skilled in handling almost any bulk commodity that arrives in our facility.

The infrastructure for bulk handling at the port of Kokkola includes a 13m fairway, tippler terminal and conveyors linked to the railway site, large storage areas and warehouses, scales, wheel loaders, dumpers, conveyors and trucks etc. of all sizes.

Dry-bulk transit forwarding services

Rauanheimo is the major dry-bulk transit forwarder and stevedore operator in Finland. Thanks to the functional rail connections to the Russian railways and our close customer relations, Kokkola is a gateway to the Russia market.

Our transit department offers forwarding, warehousing, goods handling and an extensive service network with other providers of logistics services. We use our knowledge of the Russian language and experience with local business customs to provide a comprehensive service for our Russian customers.

We serve equally all our transit customers in their individual transportation needs. Rauanheimo, the Finnish railways and the port of Kokkola have invested heavily, and have created a very efficient and flexible service for Russian transit.

Dry-bulk customs services

Rauanheimo provides fast and cost-effective customs services through our customs agencies. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of customs regulations and procedures, our agents take care to ensure the clearance of import and export shipments is handled with ease and efficiency.

Warehousing facilities for mining cargo

We offer close to 80,000m² of covered warehouse space and our high-quality storage facilities can be reserved for dedicated or common usage. Sophisticated conveyor systems can be used to transport cargo from railway wagons into some of the warehouses, and between warehouses and the ships’ holds.

Container handling and regular feeder traffic

The general trend of vigorous growth in container traffic has brought many ongoing challenges to Rauanheimo. We have responded to these challenges by developing both our operating patterns and the equipment used in the handling of containers.

We provide container handling and regular feeder traffic combined with depot services, and stripping and stuffing services combined with the inland transport of containers.


Box 254

Satamatullintie 5