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Service Bodies for Mining, Emergency and Commercial Vehicles

MFI Service Bodies (MFI) manufactures custom-made service bodies for vehicles in the mining, commercial, emergency and recreational sectors.

Southeast Business Park,
17 Southeast Boulevard,
VIC 3810 Australia

MFI Service Bodies (MFI) manufactures custom-made service bodies for vehicles in the mining, commercial, emergency and recreational sectors.

Our vehicles are resilient, lightweight, flexible to customer specifications, and designed to exceed necessary safety or legal requirements.

Our high-quality builds highlight features that minimise downtime and increase return on investment.

Vehicular service bodies for the mining and governmental sectors

MFI can meet and exceed any of the requirements of the mining industry, including vehicle rollover protection (ROPS) certification.

Our service bodies provide optimal vehicle and personnel safety; cargo and load management; ease of use; productivity; and resistance to dust, corrosion and water, as well as a low centre of gravity.

Integrated solution provider for emergency vehicles

MFI uses an array of design skills and experience to support and facilitate the operations of Australian emergency services.

The simplicity of our emergency fit-out design allows emergency operators to concentrate on immediate and urgent tasks.

Our integrated approach to vehicle fit out enables all communication solutions, emergency lighting, displays and other accessories to be installed as part of our process, and all designs for emergency vehicle projects are developed in-house in Australia.

We provide service bodies for search-and-rescue, Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES), rapid response and field command vehicles.

Vehicle modification options and accessories

MFI’s extensive range of options and accessories aim to provide end-users with optimal comfort, convenience and safety.

After 18 years of developing vehicular service bodies, canopies and vehicle fit-outs, we have a ready solution for every application.

ROPS-certified service bodies

MFI is accredited to design and manufacture ROPS service bodies in accordance with AS2294 (ISO3471) and AS1636 (ISO 5700) for commercial, trade, construction, agriculture, and mining vehicles.

Our ROPS certification demonstrates a commitment to the maximum duty of care and ensures enhanced passenger protection in the event of a vehicular roll over.

About MFI Service Bodies

For more than 18 years, MFI has developed and manufactured high-quality service bodies.

Our durable and efficient solutions focus on innovation and safety, as well as incorporate a design in accordance with customer specifications. Our safe, cost-effective service bodies offer optimal comfort and productivity and provide long productive service lives.

MFI Service Bodies

Southeast Business Park

17 Southeast Boulevard


VIC 3810