DEZEGA is one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of self-contained breathing equipment.

DEZEGA is a world designer and manufacturer of breathing equipment with a closed circuit. We produce breathing apparatus on chemically bound and compressed oxygen

  • for mine rescue teams;
  • for first responders and firefighters;
  • for escape of miners and workers from the irrespirable atmospheres that pose an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH);
  • for escape of civilians in case of fire and smoke,

Nowadays DEZEGA products are being used in more than 50 countries. Over 500 thousand self-rescuers are guarding miners worldwide this very moment.

DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuer CARBO 60
DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuer CARBO 30
Training self-rescuer DEZEGA CARBO-T
DEZEGA close-circuit SCBA P-70
DEZEGA D-VISION full-face mask
Breathing equipment test set DEZEGA CheckUp
Emergency escape hood DEZEGA EmSCAPE
DEZEGA closed-circuit SCBA P-30EX
DEZEGA testing device CARBOFit-400

Currently, DEZEGA consists of:

  • Management company
  • Production facilities, located in Europe and Asia
  • Modern Research and Development Center (R&D Center)
  • Representative offices in 3 regions worldwide.

Self-contained self-rescuers

DEZEGA is a leading manufacturer of self-contained self-rescuers (SCSRs), which are devices designed to provide respiratory protection to workers in emergencies where they may be exposed to hazardous gases or lack of oxygen. DEZEGA’s SCSRs are portable, lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use, making them an essential safety tool for workers in industries such as mining, tunneling oil and gas, and chemical manufacturing.

Training SCRSs for practicing

The training devices allow a user to practice and train the donning procedure and experience breathing conditions until the process becomes second nature.

DEZEGA offers training self-contained self-rescuers (SCSRs) that enable users to experience donning, specific breathing conditions, such as rising temperatures, humidity, and gradual increasing breathing resistance. Unlike other competing products that only simulate donning and constant breathing resistance, DEZEGA’s training SCSRs are designed to reproduce the exact performance of working devices.

Closed-circuit compressed oxygen breathing apparatus

The compressed oxygen self-contained closed-circuit breathing apparatus (SCBA) is a piece of respiratory protection equipment designed for long-term technological and rescue operations. The apparatus is used in case of emergencies and in the case of exposure to an irrespirable atmosphere.

DEZEGA’s breathing apparatus is based on parameters important for underground and confined space conditions, such as ergonomic, small dimensions, low weight, persistence of rated duration, high durability and mechanical resilience, reliability of parts and components, as well as ease and ergonomic assembly, disassembly and technical maintenance. All DEZEGA compressed oxygen breathing apparatus is designed to work with DEZEGA soda lime absorber.

Emergency escape hood

Emergency escape hood EmSCAPE is a personal respiratory protective device.

Intended for personal protection of respiratory organs and eyes against toxic combustion at escape or waiting for rescue from premises during fire, emergency situations associated with the release of chemically hazardous substances, as well as in terrorist acts involving the use of toxic agents, radioactive dust, biological aerosols and poisonous inhalants as well as in atmospheres with low concentration of oxygen of lack of oxygen

Auxiliary equipment

The list of auxiliary equipment produced by the company includes test sets, booster pumps, full-face masks, leak testing devices, antifogs, belts, etc:

  • DEZEGA Oxygen Gas Booster System HIHPG2
  • Breathing equipment test set DEZEGA CheckUp
  • DEZEGA D-VISION full-face mask
  • DEZEGA CO2 absorbent D-SORB
  • DEZEGA Shoulder belt
  • DEZEGA Waist belt
  • DEZEGA Pouch etc


DEZEGA is an international manufacturing company, focused on respiratory protective equipment with a closed breathing circuit. We design, manufacture and service breathing apparatus on chemical and compressed oxygen:

  • Self-rescuers for the escape of miners and workers from the irrespirable atmospheres that pose an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH);
  • Escape hoods for civilians in the case of fire and smoke;
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus for mine rescue teams;
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus for first responders and firefighters.
  • .

It took many years before the company reached its current level of achievement. We consider 1966 our founding year. That is the year when Donetsk Mine Rescue Equipment Plant, DZGA, was established. Since then, we have manufactured over 7 million self-rescuers. Every day over 500 thousand self-rescuers made by DEZEGA manufacturing units accompany workers into mines, tunnels, confined spaces and other dangerous areas. Our production facilities, located in Europe and Asia; representative offices in three regions worldwide.

As one of the first companies in Ukraine certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, DEZEGA has successfully ensured its production meets or exceeds national standards in the EU, South Africa, India, and Australia.