Datamine provides mining software technology and services. The company provides software for fleet management, ventilation control and automation, geological data management, resource modelling, financial modelling, underground planning, and others. It also provides Sirovision, a geology or geotechnical mapping and analysis system, core profiler logging software and licensing options to suit the needs of business, among others. Datamine solves industry problems, and improves productivity and maximises mining assets through its software. The company provides consulting services such as technical services and outsourcing, advisory consulting and implementation services, among others.

Datamine provides FMS through CENTRIC, which integrates the entire enterprise into a single integrated ecosystem that provides a clear view of mine’s performance. It eliminates inefficient data acquisition, reporting, and analysis processes that prevent mines from reaching their full potential. Sleek, simple mobile and desktop applications – combined with sophisticated integration tools – collect the most useful data from across business silos (fleet, processing, finance, etc.) and uncover relationships and correlations that have a direct impact on the bottom line. This single revealing stream of information provides timely insights and irrefutable facts on which you can rely to make informed decisions and confidently drives business forward.

CENTRIC, in particular, integrates all fleet and equipment-related metrics into a single source of truth. Data on mobile or fixed asset utilisation can come from existing systems (fleet management, process control systems, etc.), be entered by operators using Centric’s operator entry forms, or a combination of the two.