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MICA IL-60 NiMH Hand Torch: Even More Unbeatable Than Before

Mica Elektro Oy Ltd. has augmented its range of rechargeable hand torch products with the new model MICA IL-60 NiMH. Now, in addition to the former IL-60 model, equipped with a 5.5Ah NiCd battery, a new version is also available, equipped with an environment-friendly 8.5Ah NiMH battery. Operating time with the new battery is up to 12 hours!

The electronically-controlled light output and wide selection of bulbs and different types of reflector enable the MICA IL-60 torch to be adapted to suit different conditions. The clear indicator for battery charging status, extremely durable polyamide casing and 5mm toughened-glass lens ensure that it works safely, even in the toughest conditions.

At the same time, a new MICA ILC storage/charging stand has been developed for the MICA IL-60 NiMH torch. The charging stand has an aluminium frame and is to be plugged straight into a vehicle electricity supply or into a normal wall socket using an adapter. The LED indicator that has been developed shows the battery charging status clearly, and the MICA ILC charger will not overcharge the battery under any circumstances.

When looking for a rechargeable torch for demanding professional use, you will find the answer in the MICA product range. There are tens of thousands of MICA torches in daily use.

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