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Innovative Mining Equipment and Solutions

4400 W National Avenue,
Milwaukee, WI 53214-3684,
United States of America

4400 W National Avenue,
Milwaukee, WI 53214-3684,
United States of America

Komatsu is pushing the mining industry forward. We focus on creating innovative technology and solutions that are energy efficient and safe. Our commitment and dedication to our customers drive our pursuit of excellence.

Personal proximity detection systems

At Komatsu, we always put the safety of operators, service personnel, manufacturers and other mine employees first. We create our products with the highest standards and we provide essential technologies and services to protect workers while making mining more efficient and cost-effective.

Our personal proximity detection systems are just one example of how we are revolutionizing safety on mine sites. We fit each worker with a tag that works with our system to monitor his or her movements through the mine, alerting them to potential hazards such and moving machinery, unstable environments and even respirable dust. This information is also sent to provide even more protection to operators and personnel.

We understand that people are mining’s most valuable resource and no amount of production or deadline is worth risking a worker’s safety. We are proud of our commitment to driving the industry towards zero harm.

Smart Solutions and The Internet of Things (IIoT)

Our company prides itself on innovation. We are always looking at ways we can use technology to pioneer new products and services for our customers, as well improve existing ones.

Smart Solutions is designed to help mining sites track machine usage, predict when to schedule preventative maintenance and improve overall efficiency while reducing costs. With that in mind, we’ve embraced the Internet of Things (IIoT) to help maximize our potential.

We are using the IIoT to grow our Smart Solutions offerings by allowing us to process more data at a higher rate so we can continuously monitor equipment and mine sites. This ability to access real-time data and analytics results in reduced downtime and improved overall performance and efficiency for customers.

Personalized Solutions

Our commitment to quality and reliability is part of everything we do, making it possible to provide the mining industry with the best solutions available.

We engage with customers at their work site so that we can thoroughly understand their needs and develop new products, technologies and services that make mining safer and more efficient.

Our ideas are inspired by the needs at each site have become part of our integrated approach to research, development and design; resulting in groundbreaking advancements for the mining industry, including fully automated haulage solutions, and advanced fleet monitoring and management systems.

We are committed to being indispensable partners in the mining industry and believe our success is dependent on our customers’ success. We see our customers’ needs firsthand and help them go beyond what is necessary, to what is possible.

Global Corporate Responsibility

We’re passionate about the mining industry and the products we make, but we’re also passionate about people. We invest financial and employee volunteer resources in nonprofits and non-government organisations, partnering with our communities and prioritising programmes that address immediate needs while building a foundation for the future

We sponsor and support charitable efforts in countries across the globe, such as: feeding the hungry, beautifying parks, hosting STEM events, participating in youth outreach events and partnering with Habitat for Humanity.

About us

Komatsu is an indispensable partner to the construction, mining, industrial and forestry industries that maximise value for customers through innovative solutions.

With a full line of products supported by our advanced IoT technologies, regional distribution channels and a global service network, we help customers safely and sustainably optimise their operations.

Our Komatsu, P&H, Joy, Montabert, Modular Mining Systems, Hensley Industries and Gigaphoton equipment and services are used to extract fundamental minerals and develop modern infrastructure.

Komatsu Electric Mining Shovels

Our Komatsu, P&H, Joy and Montabert equipment and services are used to extract fundamental minerals and develop modern infrastructure.

Komatsu Mining Corp. Group

4400 W National Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53214-3684

United States of America