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Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu

Rock Drilling and Excavation Equipment for the Mining Industry

Hiirijärventie 269,
27400 Kiukainen,

Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu is a Finnish company, established in 1996, that specialises in the manufacture and development of rock drilling and excavation equipment, as well as in the maintenance and further development of machinery and equipment for the stone industry.

Our StonePower products include StoneScorpion drills, StoneSpider crawler drills, and various other machines and equipment for the mining industry. We work closely with our customers and develop our products, always considering the demanding circumstances that they are used in.

Two-boom crawler drill for open quarry mining

The StoneSpider NT2 is a two-boom crawler drill that allows new drilling possibilities thanks to its fully turnable (360°) superstructure and booms that work independently from each other.

The StoneSpider NT2 is extremely suitable for open quarry mining, bolting, canal excavation and natural stone quarries. The hydraulics of the crawler drill are dimensioned in such a way that the working rotation speed is only 1,650rpm, allowing considerable savings on fuel consumption. A one-boom version of the StoneSpider is also available.

Crawler drill for stepped excavation in quarry mining

The StoneScorpion crawler drill is an excellent solution for stepped excavation, bolting or natural stone quarries. Its superior advantages include its compact size, wide reach and coverage and rough terrain capabilities.

The StoneScorpion features the standard equipment fitted into similar drills such as a radio control, cylinder feed, hydraulic front centraliser, articulated boom, dust collection systems, fault diagnostics and much more.

General-purpose excavator drills

Our general-purpose excavator drills are the SD22 (StoneDrill) and the MD22 (MiniDrill). They are equipped with a quick disconnect and coupling system for easy attachment to a wide range of excavators. The SD22 and the MD22 are designed on the basis of our customers’ individual equipment choices.

Drills for small-scale excavations

The TrackDrill TD22 is designed for various types of small-scale excavations in which it is important to be able transport the machine without using special hauling equipment. The TrackDrill TD22 can be mounted on various kinds of tractors and off-road lorries.

Line drilling and stone finishing in natural stone quarries

The StonePower LD 240 line drill has been developed for line drilling and stone finishing in natural stone quarries. The standard equipment of the line drills includes radio control, cylinder feed, aluminium chain feeders and anti-jamming automatics. Optional equipment includes drilling and alignment automatics.

Drill rigs and dust collectors for rock drilling equipment

We also manufacture drill rigs, chain feeders and dust collectors for rock drilling equipment. In addition to our standard models, we manufacture products on the basis of customer needs.

Horizontal drill for natural stone quarries

StonePower manufactures horizontal rock drills used for drilling horizontal holes to extract stone in natural stone quarries.

Kiukaisten Asennuspalvelu

Hiirijärventie 269

27400 Kiukainen