Employing a truly versatile workstation affords many an industry greater flexibility and proficiency across all job sites.  Whether you’re in the business of aircraft maintenance, or forklifts and crawler cranes, or need to access numerous points on machinery such as windscreens, hydraulics, and pins, the VRS Giraffe series does it all – manoeuvring into different machines, providing a constant grade stair access and a wide, flat deck.

Now, new to this multi-use platform family is the VRS Giraffe 5110 affording even greater ease of access for multiple machine requirements.  This unit incorporates a large sub chassis, providing a full 5.1m platform height – greater, safer reach – complete with forklift pockets under the chassis.

Encompassing a minimal floor footprint and hands-free access, the VRS Giraffe 5110 has a flip down step on the front of the cantilever deck which allows for safer access down into the sloping tail on the dumpers tray.

This unique model is fitted with the VRS Giraffe 6.0m swing gate system, affording extra winglet gates that give this mobile barrier system a span of over 7m in width.  And of course there is still the added bonus of variable height.

Like others in the VRS Giraffe Series, the VRS Giraffe 5110 comes fitted with all the essentials, including three lockable gates, a hinged safety bar, hydraulic safety valves and top-notch speed control, ensuring utmost care and protection – and time savviness – no matter how challenging the job.