Valve Lockout Devices are used to close off many kinds of pressured valves to ensure that the machinery remains switched off while workers carry out maintenance work. Cirlock have a full range of Valve Lockouts available.

Gate valve lockouts

We stock a range of gate valve lockout devices -GVL-1a to GVL-10- for valve handle sizes from 25mm to 350mm. These lockouts are moulded entirely from tough Polypropylene plastics for excellent chemical and temperature resistance. The devices are very easy to use; simply close the correct size device around the valve handle and attach a padlock through the provided holes, thus preventing access to the handle. The five different sized lockouts can be purchased individually, or as a set, and they will fit inside each other for easy storage. GVL- series are available in red colour.

Ball valve lockouts

The Universal Ball Valve Lockout Devices from Cirlock – BVL-1 – can be used to lock out most types of ball valves from 19mm to 32mm (½” to 1¼”). The ball valves can be locked in the fully closed position, or in the open position, when pressure relief is needed, or for dumping valves. It is easy to use, simply slide the over ball valve handle, squeeze together until tight, and insert one or more padlocks.

BVL-1 is made from tough reinforced Polypropylene plastics, for excellent chemical resistance. Colour is high visibility safety Yellow or Red, and it includes a ‘DANGER – Do Not Remove’ label.  BVL-1 is made in Australia for Cirlock, Australia’s original lockout manufacturer.

Other Ball Lockout devices available include BVL-2 and BVL-3.

Universal valve lockout

Versatile and easy-to-use, this lightweight device is perfect for locking out all types of standard valves with a single device. They are designed to handle extra impact and resist chemicals.

Cirlock’s Universal Valve Lockout UVL-1 is used for locking out various valves up from 2″/5mm to 1.1″/28mm. Simply clamp the device on to the valve handle and lockout with a padlock to prevent any access to the valve.  Made from tough plastic and steel, the UVL-1 is supplied as standard with a cable and one arm. Jaw/Clamp Size: 28mm wide x 12mm high.

Butterfly valve lockout

Butterfly valve lockout devices have an innovative design built to lock out butterfly valves with the lever handle in the OFF position. Butterfly valves are used where space is limited. Unlike gate valves, butterfly valves can be used for throttling or regulating flow, as well as in the full open and fully closed position.  Cirlock now stock the BFL-1 Butterfly Valve, made from tough plastic and suitable for shackles up to 7mm.

To view the full range of Cirlock Valve Lockouts, please visit the Cirlock website.