Miner Elastomer Products is excited to partner with United Central Industrial supply for the 2019 ELKO MINING EXPO between 6 and 7 June. It is one of the oldest and most respected mining expos held in the United States and draws close to 8,000 people, nationally and internationally, to its mining industry exhibits.

United Central Industrial Supply will be featuring MEPC’s entire line of mining products during this show.  This includes MEPC’s new EU-ROLLER product line that debuted at SME.

EU-ROLLER’s provide superior performance which means reduced downtime due to failure and cost savings over the life of the conveyor.  These rollers also minimize noise pollution compared to their steel counterparts as well.

EU-ROLLER’s are also known for their ability to thrive and perform in harsh working environments.

Our TecsPak® rear suspensions will also be showcased during this show.  These suspensions have been installed on numerous mining trucks since the ’90s and are helping mines become more efficient by reducing maintenance time and costs.  Our suspensions use our proprietary TecsPak® material and don’t require any gas or oil to maintain the suspension. These suspensions have also been successful specifically on water trucks for a lot of mines.

MEPC also manufactures shovel components for the mining industry
as well. Our shovel components are OEM certified components and improve
performance, reduce downtime and increase shovel output.  Our shovel
components are designed to absorb maximum load capacities while reducing wear
and tear on hinges and weldments within the bucket.

Last, but not least United Central Industrial Supply will be showcasing our virtually indestructible wheel chocks for the mining industry during this event as well.  These wheel chocks can survive an accidental run over and will not cause any damage to your truck’s tires.  They are ergonomically designed with five different sizes to suit your facility’s needs.

With all of these products for the mining industry, MEPC and United Central Industry Supply are a key component to help keep your mining operations running profitably, efficiently and smoothly.