Tower cranes have been deployed on European construction sites for a long time, and meanwhile conquered the whole world. In the USA, this development was somewhat delayed, since crawler cranes were used there traditionally for the horizontal relocation of materials. But this situation has changed greatly over the past years; here too the large top-slewing cranes now dominate construction sites. This development was clearly shown at the first tower crane conference organized by the specialist publishers KHL in June in Miami.

The more than 300 participants indicate that the level of interest in these versatile devices is high; the top-quality lectures were also extremely well-received. Naturally, the ropes used in the tower cranes also play an important role, as these are crucial for problem-free operations on construction sites. High breaking forces, reliable stability against twisting and long lifetimes are stipulated and are fulfilled 100% by CASAR high-performance ropes. It is no coincidence that for instance the CASAR EUROLIFT is original equipment on a multitude of crane types. CASAR, as a sponsor of the event, is certainly highly satisfied with the level of interest shown by the participants in our rope technology.