As the end of the year quickly approaches, Miner Elastomer Products would like to take some time to reflect on our HISTORICAL past which has led to our PROUD existence that is leading to our EXCITING future!

During this past decade, Miner Elastomer Products has unveiled new innovative products, has been certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and continues to manufacture durable and dependable TecsPak® products for our customers.

Miner Elastomer Products is part of a group of companies that is owned by Miner Enterprises and during 2019 Miner Enterprises celebrated 125 years in business.  Miner Enterprises is a privately held family corporation and is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of railcar components to all Class I and Class II railroads worldwide, freight car builders, private-car companies, leasing companies and contract freight car repair shops.

To celebrate this momentous occasion all of the companies that are apart of Miner Enterprises were able to come together on June 22 2019 and celebrated 125 years in business with our families.  This is a tremendous accomplishment for Miner Enterprises and we are extremely proud to be a part of the Miner Enterprises family!

2010-2019 has been an exciting time for Miner Elastomer Products in terms of new product development.  During this time we were able to introduce two new products for different markets.

The first product that we debuted was our E-Spring line.  These TecsPak® springs offer greater endurance and resilience than steel coiled springs and are significantly lighter than steel coiled springs.  Our springs can be found on snow plow applications, lawn & garden applications and robotics to name a few!

TecsPak® E-Springs, like all of our TecsPak® products, can never be duplicated due to our proprietary manufacturing process and significant quality standards.  Due to these processes and quality standards, TecsPak® is able to outperform rubber & urethane and perform dependably in harsh working environments.

We also debuted EU-ROLLERS™ during 2019!  These rollers complement our extensive mining product offering and make us a key partner for your mining operations and they meet CEMA 502-2016 standards!

EU-ROLLERS™ conveyor rollers are more cost-effective, durable, and energy-efficient than traditional conveyor belt rollers.  Their superior performance means reduced downtime due to failure and cost savings over the life of the conveyor.  EU-ROLLERS™ use quality bearings chosen to meet the requirements of any loading or transporting application. In order to protect and provide longevity for the bearings, EU-ROLLER also uses a proven patented bearing cap and seal design.  These design features allow the rollers to work in extreme operating conditions.

Even with the addition of these two great product lines Miner Elastomer Products is looking to grow its product offerings even more in 2020.  This new product line will help meet the growing needs of our customers’ applications for a wide range of markets. We are very excited about this product line and we cannot wait to share more information with you in 2020!

Most importantly we would not be where we are today without the amazing support from our customers.  We are extremely honored that you have chosen TecsPak® to be a part of your products design and we value the partnerships that we have created.  Miner Elastomer Products looks forward to another great year of working with you on new and existing projects and we will always continue to strive to offer the best products and support for you in 2020!

Have a great holiday and see you in 2020!