Fluid-Bag has been producing innovative bulk packaging and discharge equipment for the global lubricants industry since 1984. Whether it’s an IBC made out of soft plastic never seen on the market before, or the reinvention of a new method of discharging grease, Fluid-Bag is always cutting-edge.

Designing custom-made solutions is the company’s DNA, so the requests from clients for a sturdy discharge device with optimized features for the lubricant and mining industry was a challenge Fluid-Bag accepted. Behind the TAU XTRACTOR lies a two-year innovation process that exceptionally meets the clients’ requirements.

The TAU XTRACTOR uses a completely new method for discharging grease from Fluid-Bag’s flexible containers with benefits optimized for demanding heavy-duty work environments. Exceptionally strong and sturdy, it can withstand harsh treatment in the maintenance area of a mine or a steel plant. The device grips the inner container of the Fluid-Bag, twists it with great strength and forces out the grease, leaving down to 1% residue in the bag.

Fluid-Bag has always focused on safety and lubricant cleanliness. The TAU XTRACTOR discharge mechanism is fully enclosed behind metal safety doors to protect the container inside. Due to the sealed Fluid-Bag, grease is kept clean from dust, particles and moisture.

“We have taken focusing on safety to another level with this product since we know how crucial a safe work environment is to all our customers. Since the discharge procedure occurs behind closed safety doors, there is no risk of injury for the user, and the working area is kept clean,” CEO Jan Backman explains.

This method boasts up to five times more efficient handling than using traditional drums and grease pumps. One Fluid-Bag holds 1,000l of grease, instead of five drums of 200l each. The TAU XTRACTOR will independently discharge all the grease from the Fluid-Bag at the rate you require, eliminating the need to switch containers every 200l.

“We are very proud of the patent-pending TAU XTRACTOR, since we know that this reinvention of ours will give our customers an easy and reliable discharge method, a safer product with zero contamination and more cost-effective results,” says sales manager Henrik Kass.