Shell, SigmaRoc and MachineMax have joined forces to provide SigmaRoc with a single web-platform to track the utilisation of not only their mobile equipment but also their fixed assets across multiple sites in the UK and Europe.

SigmaRoc was looking for an efficient solution which would support their ‘Invest Improve Integrate’ strategy, allowing them to focus on maximising operational utilisation, reducing their CO2 footprint, and driving financial operating and maintenance performance.

Shell is helping their customers find digital solutions which focus on safety, sustainability and operational efficiency to speed up digital transformation and improve operational resilience during these uncertain times.

Therefore it made perfect sense for Shell to introduce Sigmaroc to MachineMax, a digital equipment management platform provider in which Shell is a key investor and channel partner.

Statement from Amit Rai, CEO of MachineMax

We’re really excited to be working with an innovative and fast-moving company like SigmaRoc. We know that the company lives by the mantra of Invest, Improve and Integrate. We were able to demonstrate that with MachineMax a highly cost-effective investment enabled the integration of data across different makes and models of machines from all across Europe. With the MachineMax data being simple to access and understand this will lead to improved cost efficiency and site productivity for SigmaRoc. It was really pleasing to see that the benefits of our system were clearly and quickly understood by both site and board management of Sigmaroc and we were able to make very rapid progress together.

Statement from Max Vermorken, CEO of SigmaRoc

Having a simple, asset agnostic platform, that allows each site to efficiently and effectively analyse important aspects such as asset utilisation is core to our business ethos. MachineMax gives our teams simple focused data that supports them in their planning production scheduling, maintenance programs and CAPEX programs.

By having readily available key information, not only do we optimise our assets, but in turn, we optimise our costs and equally important, we minimise our impact on the environment.

Through our existing network of contacts with Shell, we were pleased to have MachineMax up and running across our platforms and sites, giving results in the field in only a few weeks, even in the midst of Covid-19.

Statement from Saskia Mureau, General Manager of digital innovation at Shell Global Commercial

We’re delighted to see MachineMax, one of our growing number of digital ventures, driving real value for customers in these challenging times. As the industry learns to work more efficiently remotely, further eliminates cost leakage and reduces its carbon footprint, digital services like MachineMax will become ever more important value propositions.