Flexco recently introduced a heavy-duty version of its popular PTEZ™ Belt Trainer. The PTEZ™ HD Belt Trainer is another high-performance tracking idler capable of handling wider belts and tougher conditions. Designed with Flexco ‘pivot and tilt’ technology, the new PTEZ HD Belt Trainer can be used in any application that requires tracking to prevent damage to the belt or conveyor structure, including single-direction and reversing belts.

The unique pivot and tilt feature on both PTEZ models ensures that the belt stays away from the structure and the material stays on the belt without the use of sensor or edge rollers. The tapered ends on the roller drive the pivot and tilt mechanism, allowing the two forces to quickly move the belt back to center.

“The demand for a trainer that could handle wider belts and tougher environments led us to develop the PTEZ HD Belt Trainer,” said Kevin Fales, Product Manager for Flexco.

“It still features the unique pivot and tilt technology of the PTEZ, but is made for a more rugged environment.”

The PTEZ HD Belt Trainer can be used on vulcanized or mechanically fastened belts on almost any heavy-duty application up to 2400 PIW maximum tension, including wet and dry conditions, belts with edge damage or wear, and belts that are mistracking to one or both sides.

Available for belt widths 42in to 84in (1,050mm to 2,100mm), the PTEZ HD Belt Trainer can be mounted as a standard ‘pull-up’ mounting by swapping it out with an existing return idler, or it can be mounted on the clean side of the belt, which uses the material-free bottom cover as the contact area for the belt trainer. The simple, adjustable mounting brackets ensure quick and accurate installation with either method.

The PTEZ HD Belt Trainer also features a polyurethane roller cover, which ensures lasting performance in even the toughest conditions. Flexco’s proprietary urethane is proven to last as much as 3-4 times longer than rubber, while still providing the grip needed to efficiently drive the pivot and tilt mechanism.