Cirlock is now a proud distributor of iKLAS Electronic Key Management Systems (EKMS).

In the mining industry, where operational efficiency and security are paramount, EKMS emerge as a game-changer, offering innovative solutions to streamline access control processes.

Within mining operations, the need for robust security measures cannot be overstated. iKLAS addresses this need with its range of Smart Key Cabinets, specifically tailored to the unique requirements of the mining industry. From small-scale operations to large mining facilities, iKLAS offers All-In-One (AIO) cabinets ranging from 12 to 252 keys, ensuring that no matter the scale, key management remains efficient and secure.


  • Stand-Alone Secured Network Setup, No Internet connection required
  • No software installation required
  • Tamper evident window to locate unreturned keys at a glance
  • Built-in camera for access tracking
  • RFID tag reader for easy identification of key slot upon return
  • RFID key tags in a variety of colours for easy classification
  • Smart card reader with optional biometric authentication
  • Tamper evident stainless-steel rings/cable seals
  • LED indicator for identification of key-position status
  • GSM Modem to generate SMS alerts (optional)
  • Benefits
  • Security: Ability to grant access 24/7, even in power down mode to secure data and assets.
  • Accountability: Effective control to track keys with real time monitoring, audit trail and reports for management.
  • Productivity: Reduce administrative work for signing in/out keys.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce operational costs and unnecessary stress due to lost keys and change of locks

iKLAS EKMS offers a range of authentication methods, including RFID tag readers and optional biometric authentication, to ensure that only authorized personnel can access keys. This not only enhances security but also provides a clear audit trail, enabling management to track key usage and identify any anomalies.

Furthermore, iKLAS EKMS streamlines key management processes, reducing administrative burdens and increasing operational efficiency. With LED indicators and optional GSM Modems for SMS alerts, mining personnel can quickly identify the status of key positions and receive real-time notifications of any security incidents, enabling swift response and mitigation.

iKLAS EKMS access control

User types

Single user: 1 person to draw key(s)

Multi-User: additional 1 or 2 people to escort/draw key(s)

Access modes

Standard: Cabinet door unlocked upon authentication success, free to draw/return authorized key

Select Key: Decide the specific key to be drawn/returned before cabinet door unlocked

Withdraw & Return: Decide to draw or return key(s) before cabinet door unlocked

Key-tag return control options

Standard Slot: RFID key-tag must be returned to the delegated cabinet and RFID slot

Free Slot: RFID Key-tag can be returned to any RFID slot dynamically

The iKLAS-KMS embedded Key Management Software provides highly secured monitoring and control of information over TCPIP technology. Central to the iKLAS EKMS solution is its embedded Key Management Software, seamlessly integrated into each cabinet:

  • Capacities: 24, 48, 66, 108, 132, 192 & 252
  • RFID Key Slots
  • No software installation required
  • No internet connection required
  • Supported by HTTP & HTTPS
  • Supported by Google Chrome, MS Edge,
  • Firefox, Safari, etc..
  • Supported by SMTP email protocol
  • Supported by GSM SMS push alert notice (optional)

If you want a key management system that redefines access control and combines security, accountability, productivity, and cost savings, get in touch with Cirlock today.

For technical details, download the product brochure here.