It’s no secret that AllightSykes is the premium supplier of high-quality pumps. From the smallest submersible – that can quietly handle localised flooding – to the largest, heavy-industrial de-watering units, we’re industry leaders.

Yes, when it comes to range and price, AllightSykes is recognised world-wide as the one-stop pump shop. Yet did you know that we’re also industry leaders in the service and repair of ageing pumps?

As Scott Bennett, GM Customer Support, explained: “Rather than purchasing new, many clients are choosing a complete upgrade and refurbishment option.”

Like the pump you see here. After many years of service, it wasn’t the prettiest machine on site. And it wasn’t the most efficient either – for two reasons.

Firstly, as the operating hours increase, the efficiency of the mechanical parts slowly decrease. That’s not rocket science – we all know the necessity of regularly servicing any machinery.

Secondly, recent advances in technology allow us to apply the latest efficiency upgrades and improvements to our pumps.

So instead of buying a new machine, the owner of the ageing, trailer-mounted pump (see before and after pictured) decided on a full service, upgrade and refurbishment at the AllightSykes Hunter Valley facility.

The pump was completely rebuilt from the ground-up: the Service & Repair team pulled it apart, cleaning and servicing every existing part that was being re-used.

“After sand blasting the frame and carriage, we then installed a brand-new Cat 4.4 Engine, a new S-27 Controller and new electrical wiring. With the engine and trailer done, we then totally rebuilt the wet end,” said Jason Davidson, Regional Service Manager.

“So, it’s the original pumping unit, yet the engine, controller and wiring are all out of the box.”

Scott is seeing more and more clients choosing the many benefits of the re-powering and refurbishment option at AllightSykes.

“The AllightSykes Service and Repair team can make a massive difference to a company’s bottom-line. Along with a detailed, cosmetic facelift, the client receives an incredibly efficient machine with an operating capacity that’s on par with the latest pumping technology available today,” said Scott.

To discuss the many benefits of service, repair and upgrade of your pump – or lighting tower – please contact our service team on 1300 255 444.