VISTA Training recently launched an new crawler dozer training module as part of its affordable, growing Silver Series of web-deliverable operator training programs. It is focused on helping operators to work proficiently and safely in all types of ground conditions.

The content of this course, entitled "Dozer – Basic Operation & Safety" is focused on three key areas:

Lesson 1 – Components: In this lesson, trainees learn the major blade and track components of the track dozer and how they contribute to pushing material.

Lesson 2 – Controls: Before trainees can learn how to perform common tasks with a dozer, they must first understand the controls of the machine and their function. This lesson also describes typical working conditions and basic operating techniques of the modern dozer.

Lesson 3 – Design and application: One of the keys to using a dozer productively is effective project management – planning how you’re going to approach your push and return cycles for maximum efficiency and productivity. This lesson digs deeper into ground conditions, and how they affect productivity, as well as the different types of dozer operating modes, including cutting, ripping and carrying material.

This one-hour web-based, self-directed course is perfect for trainers to provide their trainees with a solid foundation of equipment and safety knowledge before they begin classroom or field training.

To learn more about the Silver Series of computer-based safety training modules from VISTA Training, please visit the VISTA website at For more information about the new dozer training program, please visit