union drag rope

WireCo’s Union unveils new PowerMax PLUS wire rope downtime is costly to a mining operation. Increased service life of drag ropes helps minimise interruptions, which is essential to lowering overall cost of ownership.

WireCo WorldGroup has just introduced PowerMax® PLUS, a drag rope that increases time intervals between re-sockets and end-for-ends, typical preventative maintenance procedures for draglines.

WireCo’s research and development engineers have designed PowerMax PLUS using new wire technology for increased wire toughness that improves abrasion-resistance, and plastic enhancement that protects the rope core from material intrusion and fatigue.

The increased service life for these PowerMax PLUS drag ropes minimises cost of ownership and maximises value.

Extensive field trials at coal mines in Wyoming, Texas and South Africa have shown that PowerMax PLUS lasted more than twice as long as their previous drag ropes so they were able to increase the time between rope replacements. That means a better bottom line for the mine.

PowerMax PLUS is part of Union’s PowerMax PLUS family of products for drag ropes which also includes PowerMax PFV PLUS and PowerMax MD PLUS.

For more information, please submit an enquiry or visit the Union website.

Image: PowerMax PLUS wire drag ropes increase service life. Photo: courtesy of WireCo WorldGroup.