MineWare's CPM/PAS software offers a complete mining solution.

MineWare has been developing mining software solutions since 1996, focusing on short-term control solutions for production data. Our main product is known as centralised production management (CPM), or more recently the production analysis solution (PAS). Over time our clients have requested additions to PAS to manage safety, bonuses, graphical interpretation for planning and bookings, associated costing, and all short-term reporting.

MineWare’s modules are integrated, and their modularity allows different permutations. No one solution fits all, and our products are customised to client specific requirements. The final product integrates seamlessly with existing systems, to address identified shortcomings.

Safety and Health, and CPM/PAS modules
Safety and health modules include an incident management system (IMS), an inspection module, panel/workplace safety and health classification, and legal safety and health reporting. All modules are fully integrated facilitating the necessary workflow.

CPM/PAS provides the information necessary to identify production problems and accelerate solutions with minimum loss.
The system also provides all standard production analysis, from tonnage flow to grade control, from planning through bookings to survey measurement capture.

Daily production planning is captured, bookings are made and problems encountered are recorded. Analysis reports help identify trends in order for clients to be pro-active in seeking improvement. Auxiliary functionality includes bonus calculation and management of labour planning and daily attendance, crew performance analysis, equipment tracking and utilisation, backfill planning and control, opening and equipping analysis, requisition ordering and budget control, and rolling stock tracking.

Graphical interpretation
MineWare and Primethought Software Solutions have formed a collaboration to supplement the existing MineWare software with a spatial/graphics function. One of the products including this is SpatialXL.

SpatialXL is an add-in to Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010, which gives Excel full graphics capability, spatial analytics capability, and the ability to read and save to almost any mining graphics and general graphics format and databases. Data is stored in MineDB, a fylly 2D and 3D enabled database which allows multiple spatial formats to be stored together. It ties all spatial information together, providing a central point of reporting.

Electronic log books
Shift overseers are required by law to record safety and health related issues concerning their working places on a daily basis. CPM/PAS already allows booking of production data, and an additional electronic logbook module now allows the capture of the remaining health, safety and general data to replace hard copy log books.

This module is a recoverable recordable system as per the DMR’s requirements. It captures the time and date of every entry, as well as the name and signature of every person making an entry. It allows for the easy retrieval of all data, incorporates measures to prevent unauthorised changes to any captured data, is auditable and is backed up weekly.

No longer does the client need to buy, manage and archive stacks of log books to allow daily shift overseer bookings. MineWare’s solution is by far a more environmentally friendly and secure process.