Consolidated Contracting Company (CCC), the largest construction company in the Middle East, have installed a time and attendance solution from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS to help manage the 4,000 workers working at a gas production plant they are constructing for PDO OMAN. The system is based around IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ robust and reliable active RFID technology.

Every one of the 4,000 workers on the 1.5 million square metre gas production plant is outfitted with an ATEX approved active RFID tag made by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. Wireless portals are installed at all entrance gates tracking the movement of every worker on a 24/7 basis. This enables the simultaneous registration of large amounts of CCC’s own staff, as well as subcontracted personnel, irrespective of whether they arrive at the site in buses, cars or on foot. Personnel do not need to exit vehicles to be registered, and vehicles don’t need to stop during the registration process.

The site has more than 4,000 personnel who previously on a daily basis had to exit their vehicles and proceed on foot through manual gates. The new solution provided by IDENTEC SOLUTIONS saves CCC approximately four hours each day in registering persons on and off the site, which results in savings of more than 210,000 man-hours a year.

CCC are now in the process of expanding the solution with more wireless portals to enable them to calculate who is where within the site, at what time, and for how long. As CCC utilizes a large number of subcontracted personnel this is beneficial for matching completed timesheets submitted for payment against their own logs of who attended on what day in real time.