A new software update is available for the ABEM Terrameter LS. The main improvement is the implementation of support for the ABEM SASLOG borehole-logging tool, which now makes the ABEM SASLOG compatible with the ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000/4000 and the ABEM Terrameter LS.

The ABEM SASLOG implementation in the ABEM Terrameter LS utilises the graphical interface in a way that makes it easy-to-use when conducting borehole-logging surveys. Procedures such as finding the water level are clearly illustrated, as well as the plotting of measured data in graphs.

Apart from the ABEM SASLOG implementation, this software update also resolves some minor bugs and improves the graphical imagery to achieve smoother background gradients. The ABEM Terrameter LS user manual has also been upgraded with a new 16-page section dealing with the ABEM SASLOG operation.

The release package consists of:

  • ABEM New Terrameter LS software application 1.11.0
  • ABEM New Terrameter LS user manual
  • ABEM Updated SASLOG product leaflet

Find all documentation on ABEM’s website.