The SLP-250/240 series of tamper evident security padlocks from Cirlock are made specifically for packing and sealing goods where any breakage or tampering must be known. This includes transport of valuables, medicals, weapons and documents in packs, bags or containers of any size.

Two sizes padlocks are available; a 50mm brass body with 8mm x 30mm steel shackle (SLP-250-30) and 40mm body with 6mm x 22mm steel shackle (SLP-240-22). All locks / keys are numbered.

When using the tamper evident padlocks a special uniquely pre-numbered perforated plastic keyhole cover is inserted in lock before snap locking it. This prevents access to keyhole, and the keyhole cover can only be removed by destroying it. The keyhole cover number can be recorded for reference, and a replacement cover can only be inserted by un-locking the padlock with a key. Extra pre-numbered keyhole covers can be purchased in various pack sizes.

These padlocks are very secure and impossible to bypass undetected, as breach of seal will always be evident. Patent is pending for these security padlocks.

Available through local electrical and other wholesalers or from Cirlock. Further information is available at