VISTA Training, Waterford, Wisconsin, recently launched a new skid steer loader training module as part of its affordable, growing Silver Series of web-deliverable operator training programs. It is focused on helping operators to safe and productive when operating one of these versatile machines in mining and construction. Because this program is web-based, trainees can view it any time, anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.

The content of Skid Steer Loader – Basic Operation & Safety is focused on seven key areas:

  • Design features and components
  • Safety and pre-use inspection
  • Start-up, controls and testing
  • Machine operation
  • Filling the bucket
  • Carrying and dumping loads
  • Machine shut down

This one-hour web-based, self-directed course is perfect for trainers to provide their trainees with a solid foundation of equipment and safety knowledge before they begin classroom or field training.

To learn more about the Silver Series of computer-based safety training modules from VISTA Training, please visit the VISTA website at For more information about the new skid steer loader training program, please visit