PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems is expanding its supply capability for steep incline conveying applications. PHOENIX S-Wall™ is the latest generation of corrugated sidewall belts. The British company Specialised Belting Supplies Ltd. has recently become part of PHOENIX Conveyor Belt Systems. The conveyor belts will continue to be manufactured to the highest quality at the modernized production facilities in Thetford.

The PHOENIX S-Wall™ corrugated sidewall belts are among the latest developments for steep conveyance applications. Since the belts are de-signed for steep incline conveying at angles of up to 90 degrees, they are ideal for applications where space is at a premium. At the expanded production facilities in Thetford, in addition to conventional production using the cold-bonding method, customers also have the option of having the corrugated sidewalls and cleats attached through vulcanization. This results in a particularly heat-resistant connection, which enables the conveyor belts to be used at even higher temperatures.

In addition, a newly developed rubber compound for corrugated sidewalls and cleats ensures that they cope with the high demands of especially steep conveyance angles. These hard-wearing materials can significantly increase the service life of conveyor belts and prevent time-intensive main-tenance and repair work. The corrugated sidewall belts are tested in own test facilities to ensure their excellent quality.

Sidewall Conveyor Belts for steep angle conveying have six main advantages:

No transfer points: From the feed hopper to the discharge point, the belt is capable of turning through any angle up to a vertical line and back to the horizontal.

No Spillage: Once material is loaded onto the belt it is effectively contained between the Sidewalls and is prevented by the cross cleats from falling back. As the belt travels along the conveying line it retains the load within its own ‘side skirts’, eliminating spillage.

Maximum Utilisation of Space: In areas where land is at a premium, i.e. dockside, or within existing plants where space is a problem, the S-Wall™ sidewall conveyor belt system provides the ideal solution. With the ability to convey material at angles up to 90° the required ground space is minimal.

Minimum Maintenance: The belt itself requires minimum maintenance and the reduced number of moving parts plus simple conveyor construction virtually eliminates costly downtime.

Wide range of materials can be handled: With the extensive range of belt sizes available, the S-Wall™ sidewall conveyor belt system is capable of handling almost all materials: large lumps, free flowing, delicate or fragile substances, highly abrasive material, light weight or heavy loads.

Low Power Requirement: S-Wall™ sidewall conveyor belt system re-quired low power to move the loaded belt. Because the system can elevate at steep angles (up to 90°) centre distances tend to be small and even in high lift applications power required to elevate is considerably less than in other systems.

S-Wall™ sidewalls are available in four basic product groups: Type S, the standard construction is produced in heights from 40mm to 120mm. Type SR is the same as the standard construction but with diagonal fabric rein-forcement. The heavy duty construction type HDSR includs fabric rein-forcement as standard in heights from 120mm to 300mm. The fabric rein-forcement is of the diagonal type ensuring maximum flexibility with high vertical stability. The heavy duty special design from type XHDSR includs fabric reinforcement as standard in heights from 300mm to 630mm.