Flexco recently announced its plans to exhibit at PROCESS EXPO 2017. At the show, Flexco will be addressing the belt conveyor needs of the food processing industry, offering splicing and cleaning solutions for baking, dairy, meat and poultry, and more.

Attendees can visit Booth 2360 at PROCESS EXPO to learn how Flexco can help operations optimize belt conveyor performance, utilizing various splicing solutions and the only USDA-certified belt cleaner on the market.

Stop by and check out demos of the Novitool® Aero® Splice Press and the Novitool® Amigo™ Splice Press, and be sure to check out the FGP Food Grade Precleaner operating on an in-booth conveyor.

While at the show, the Flexco team invites attendees to view the Aero Splice Press, which now features state-of-the-art technology and the exclusive Aero® Recipe Management Tool for producing consistent, high-quality endless splices. The air-cooled press is easier than ever to operate, producing endless splices in a fraction of the time of water-cooled presses.

The press has been updated with a larger effective heat zone, ability to control heating temperature for top and bottom separately, forced air cooling in both top and bottom, intuitive HMI controls, and USB connectivity with recipe management capabilities for increased splice quality.

The Novitool® Amigo™ Splice Press will also be featured at this year’s show. The Amigo Press joins solid polyester and polyurethane conveyor belts, producing high-quality splices in a fast and safe manner. The Amigo was engineered for precision belt splicing and features a contactless heating process that splices the belt in less than one minute. The pre-heat function removes moisture from the belt ends, avoiding unwanted pinholes in the splices, which is especially important in the food and baking industries from a hygienic perspective.

For cleaning and sanitation purposes, Flexco offers the FGP Food Grade Precleaner. The easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain food grade cleaner can be disassembled in less than a minute for regular cleaning and sanitation. The FGP Precleaner is designed to meet strict sanitary guidelines and has been certified by the USDA for use in meat, poultry, and dairy operations. Cleaner blades are available in white, blue, and metal detectable dark blue FDA approved food grade material.

The simple design of the FGP Precleaner features stainless-steel components and FDA-approved, food-grade materials that limit negative spaces and crevices, which can encourage bacteria growth. There is no need to remove the cleaner from the structure for cleaning, sanitizing, and blade changes because of the snap-in-place design of the blade.

Experienced Flexco team members will be available at the booth to discuss splicing systems and help attendees identify challenges and ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

For more information on how Flexco can maximize your operation’s productivity, visit Flexco booth 2360 at PROCESS EXPO between 19 and 22 September in Chicago, US.