Eren Construction has recently taken delivery of a new mobile washing plant for a major canal construction project in Turkey. In this article we will look at why the M2500 was chosen for this project and how it works in practice.

The Project: The final 63km section of a new Canal to take water from the Attuturk reservoir to agricultural land in the east of Turkey.

The Process: Material would be dug out from the ground for the canal; it would then be crushed and reused in the civils of the new canal.

The Problems: The crushed material was not producing sand and aggregate of high enough quality to use in the civils construction of the canal. Without reusing the material it would need to be bought in, increasing costs and reducing control of the supply chain.

The Solution: A washing plant would be required that would be capable of taking the crushed material from the mobile dry crushing and screening operation and processing it to produce high quality sand and aggregate products.

Why the M2500?

The M2500 was chosen for this project for a number of key reasons including:

  • It is the worlds first fully integrated mobile washing system
  • Highly adaptable
  • Can be moved as required
  • Affordable
  • Can be fed directly by existing mobile equipment
  • Minimal footprint
  • Proven technology
  • Excellent aftersales support

How It Works

  • A mobile crusher feeds directly into the M2500 feed boot
  • The material is transferred via the feed conveyor to the ProGrade rinsing screen
  • The ProGrade screen washes and sizes two sizes of aggregate (+22mm and 12-22mm)
  • The 4-12mm aggregate is sent via the AtroFeed jet pump to one side of the EvoWash dewatering screen
  • The minus 4mm material is pumped to the EvoWash hydrocyclones and waste silts and clays are removed. The in-spec sand is discharged onto the other side of the EvoWash dewatering screen and dewatered
  • All washed products are stockpiled via the integrated wing conveyors

The Results: Eren construction are able to use the material removed for the canal construction in the Civils of the new canal. They have a completely mobile operation enabling them to move as required and increased supply chain control.

Mr Yasar Eren, chairman of Eren Construction said: "The M2500 has been a very good solution for us. Not only has it allowed us to effectively deal with the issue or excess fines in the dry screened material but the mobility of the unit fits in with the requirements of the project perfectly.

"The whole installation and commissioning of the new washing plant was completed very professionally by CDE and given the quality of the final products this is a process that we will be using in future on other large civil projects that we are involved with."