foundation training

Martin Engineering has expanded its Foundations™ training programme on the design and development of more productive belt conveyors to offer three customisable seminars.

Training is available to suit individuals with varied levels of experience and responsibility, from new-hire to senior engineer. Attendees attain a better understanding of conveyor safety and performance, helping to justify upgrade investments and increase profitability.

The Foundations Workshop series has been teaching bulk-materials handling personnel how to operate and maintain clean and safe belt conveyors for nearly twenty years.

All programmes offer the opportunity for customisation/localisation to feature specific images, conditions and problems from the customer’s site. Programmes are flexible as far as location and length. The presenters are highly trained and have many years of hands-on experience around conveyor systems. These industry experts keep the programmes lively and interesting, while giving attendees a new outlook on conveyor operations.

Level one – Basic Training Workshop. This is a fundamental introduction to belt conveyors, components and safety considerations. This level is designed for newly hired employees or those with little experience around conveyors, and is held over a two-hour session. The illustrated format of the Basic Training Workshop is also appropriate for non-English speaking or non-literate audiences.

Level two – Operations and Maintenance Seminar. This session includes an in-depth look at methods to improve the safety, performance and payback of belt conveyors by controlling fugitive material and improving system efficiency. Targeted for personnel concerned with operating and maintaining belt conveyor systems, this level consists of a full-day session (six to eight training hours) with a customised second day available. The Operations and Maintenance Seminar is also available online.

Level three – Advanced Seminar. It is focused on the improvement of belt conveyor systems, demonstrating the justification for investment in solutions to reduce fugitive material, maximise production and extend component life. This seminar is developed for engineers and managers responsible for the design and administration of belt conveyor systems. The advanced seminar is offered in either half-day or full-day sessions.

The training programmes reinforce messages from Martin Engineering’s recently published reference book, Foundations 4th Edition, The Practical Resource for Cleaner, Safer, More Productive Dust and Material Control.

Foundations Training Programmes may qualify for continuing education units or professional development hours; they may also qualify toward the Parts 46/48 Annual Refresher Training.

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