To maximise extraction volume and minimise the space for infrastructure, slopes within mines can be steep.

Rockfall is a common hazard in these conditions, causing safety concerns for workers and transportation routes. It may also adversely affect mine production.

Maccaferri’s solutions address these problems with a range of high-performance steel meshes (Steelgrid® HR, HEA Panels and ring net Panels, drapery) and rockfall catch fences rated to 8,500kJ impact resistance.

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For mine operations to be effective, access ramps, haul roads, surface water control structures and drainage systems are key. They allow for the uninterrupted performance of a mine.

Whether the problem is a weak haul road that requires sub-grade stabilisation with MacGrid® geogrids, an outfall structure requires erosion protection using gabions and Reno® mattresses, or a run-off ditch needing a lining with MacMat® erosion protection mats, we can help.

At the point after mineral extraction from the mine, when the treatment process begins, this necessitates the construction of large mining tip and crusher walls. By combining our soil reinforcement systems, MacRes® and Terramesh® with our ultra-tough and high-strength ParaLink® geogrids, it is possible to construct soil reinforcement systems to support conveyor systems and withstand loaded vehicles in excess of 300t.

These walls have the added benefit that they can be built quickly, and also often using site-won materials as structural backfill to the geogrid reinforced walls; saving the mine cost and time, and minimising the impact on production.

At the concentration stage, waterproofing systems and lagoon structures are required to contain the concentrate and prevent contaminants escaping within heap-leach pads.

We have a range of products for the safe storage process that include; MacLine® geosynthetic membranes, MacGrid® geogrids and MacDrain® drainage geocomposites.

These are used in heap leach pad liners, evaporation ponds and lagoon linings. Containment dykes often feature geogrid reinforced soil or gabion retaining structures which support contained material and stockpiles.

When there is a need to provide long-term hydraulic control structures to manage the rain water run-off from these large closure or waste heaps, we can offer from simple man-made long-term erosion protection solutions up to weir and drop structures made from our gabions and Reno® mattresses.

Finally, mine closure and the reinstatement of the ecosystem area is one of the most important activities in the life of the mine. We offer impermeable capping and drainage systems to prevent surface water entering the deposits and causing erosion.

So whether it is pre-planning, feasibility designs, cost estimates, detailed design, product manufacture / supply or on-site installation support that you are after, we are your project partner.