IHC Merwede has introduced the IHC Beaver® 65 DDSP, the successor to the highly successful IHC Beaver® 6518. The IHC Beaver® 65 DDSP is part of the IHC Beaver® series of standard cutter suction dredgers. It is built for stock with short delivery times and designed and built under the BV Coastal Area classification.

With a continuous focus on customer value, the concept of the dismountable standard cutter dredger has evolved. The design of the IHC Beaver® 65 DDSP is based on the experience of developing six previous generations and 50 years of building standard cutter dredgers in the 650mm class. The new vessel includes the latest innovations and technologies, making it more reliable, efficient, easy to maintain and productive.

The IHC Beaver® 65 DDSP is equipped with more cutting and pumping power than itspredecessor and other dredgers in its class. It has a direct-driven submerged highly efficient pump with Curve® impeller that can dredge effectively at all depths. The complete dredger can be set to work in inland waters as well as on the sea. It can also be equipped with the IHC Spud GuardTM, which won the HME Maritime Innovation Award in 2011, for more efficient operation in waves.

As is the case with all IHC Beaver® dredgers, special attention has been given to health and safety, and the environment. This may be evidenced by the ergonomics of the vessel especially the operating cabin and console, as well as its fuel efficiency, emissions and greasing solutions.