As of 1 September 2013, Dirk Philips will succeed Govert Hamers as the new CEO of IHC Merwede. In addition, the Board of Management will be expanded with the appointment of a new COO, namely the current Director of the company’s Dredging division, Bram Roelse.

Dirk Philips is a 48-year-old Belgian national, who has gained extensive experience as a CEO and board member of major international industrial companies, in which he has led significant projects in the areas of strategy, growth, transformation and organisational development. He has also worked in the maritime and offshore sector and therefore has an in-depth knowledge of
this sector.

Govert Hamers, who recently announced his resignation, will step back from his current role on 1 October. He will then join the company’s Supervisory Board with immediate effect.

In addition to Dirk Philips and Dave Vander Heyde (CFO), Bram Roelse (56) will join the Board of Management after 12 years of service at IHC Merwede, during which time he has taken a high level of responsibility within the group’s business activities. He has also gained invaluable experience in the military shipbuilding and oil and gas industries prior to joining the company in 2001.