0Nontox™ is an environmentally friendly organic catalyst, extremely effective in the remediation of hydrocarbons in soil, air and water.

It was developed in response to a need to deal with harmful chemicals which cause environmental damage and which have, in some cases, contributed to environmental disasters around the world.

Nontox™ rapidly accelerates the normal biodegradation cycle of the most petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH, BTEX). This process is accomplished by catalysing, hydrolysing & oxidising the contaminants, reducing them to carbon dioxide and water.

  • Nontox™ is diluted and spray applied to soil, water or atmosphere
  • Designed for soil either in-situ application or to windrows. On-site remediation reduces expensive transport and dumping costs and allows soil reuse.
  • Excellent atmosphere control of odours or volatile organic compounds. Reduces flash and toxic hazards in confined areas.
  • Spray applies to surface water spills in either fresh or salt water. Non hazardous to marine life. Cleans rocks and beaches.
  • It can be easily applied in recirculation systems to treat contaminated ground water, streams and ponds.
  • Avoid OH & S issues – non toxic, non flammable, non-corrosive

Nontox™ is a concentrate and for bio-remediation applications must be diluted to approximately a 6% solution (1L Nontox : 15L water). For soil, the diluted solution treats approximately 1 cbm of light to medium contaminated soil. In water, the diluted solution will treat approximately 800 sqm of a hydrocarbon slick. Salt water, fresh water or wastewater can be used for dilution. For odour control / VOC applications with fogging and misting units, a 1% solution is required.