Hexagon Mining has launched HxM Athena Planning, a performance-indicator bundle that makes sense of data from production planning, grade control, fragmentation, drill operations, and plan compliance. Interactive heads-up displays are integral to HxM Athena, a solution that empowers miners to transform data into knowledge and builds on Hexagon Mining’s vision of smart change.

Using a robust data integration process, HxM Athena imports, validates, analyses, and combines purposeful data from multiple sources. Real-time fleet management telematics are overlaid with geological and geographical models, planning and mine-centric KPIs. By displaying the information in near real-time in a centralised location, inefficiencies are quickly exposed, allowing you to solve problems and improve productivity.

"This is not just another dashboard-driven, business intelligence-business analytics product," said Hexagon Mining president Hélio Samora. "HxM Athena uses dynamic spatial renderers to address the challenge facing all mines; data from multiple sources with no single correlated source of context or relevance. HxM Athena empowers managers to understand what is going on in their operation across multiple areas of the mining value chain."

For example, poor excavator productivity could be related to an operator, the haulage cycle capacity, or a result of poor drill planning and blasting. If you are only looking at the excavator dig rates, other variables may be overlooked. HxM Athena assembles all this data into a single place, allowing decision makers to see the real cause of issues and make decisions to implement smart change and improve quality and productivity.

Future versions of HxM Athena will address safety, production, and machine health, with links to the SAFEmine Collision Avoidance System, and Leica Jigsaw Jmineops and Jhealth.