Industrial gear unit specialist Hansen Industrial Transmissions (HIT), acquired by Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) in March 2011, announces that its European assembly centre will integrate the engineering, production, assembly, sales and service of SHI’s Paramax® industrial gearboxes for the EMEA region.

One year after the acquisition, global integration of HIT and SHI is still ongoing on most parts of the world but has been finialised in Europe ready to serve the EMEA region.

Able to serve standard as well as more demanding applications whilst providing best-in-class customer service, HIT has set up an EU sales and service platform covering the EMEA region. A clear product strategy for the EMEA region has been developed, offering its customers and a more accurate selection of gear units to serve both high and low-torque applications. This platform was shaped in cooperation with Sumitomo Cyclo Germany group, SHI’s power transmission and control division in Europe.

Combining the strengths of HIT’s P4 and SHI’s Paramax gear units, two of the world’s most reputed brands in reliable and durable industrial gear drives, a range of industrial gear units with torque applications ranging from between 3kNm and 1,100kNm is now available from one single source.

It allows OEM’s and/or end users to either opt for P4 gear units (high-torque range applications) and benefit from flexible, customised and engineered solutions; or select a Paramax quality gear drive (lower-torque applications) as a standard product. Either way, the extended and more precise selection opportunities will cater for more economic solutions in any application, as the product offering is tailored to customer needs.

Excellent customer relations standards, a continuous strive for product and technology leadership, and keeping pace with today’s market requirements has shaped the organisations’ product merger.

With the regional sales and service network all over the EMEA area, improved availability of local contacts is assured. In addition to integrating paramax gear units in the HIT product portfolio, HIT will incorporate the production of Paramax in its Belgian gear plant later this year.